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Is your website turning customers away?

It’s best to think of your anonymous visitors as drunk sociopaths in a hurry. You only have a few seconds in which to convince these new visitor to stay on your site, and if you make any part of your site the slightest bit confusing, your new visitor needs only to twitch their thumb to the back button to head back to Google and move on to your competition. With the vast array of competing websites out there, why should anyone put up a less than stellar website?

That’s why you need to design your website with the assumption that every visitor is a crazy, lazy drunk. That’s the key to a persuasive website.

Let’s break down our user’s pathologies and what they mean for us:

The visitor is a sociopath. They care only about themselves, so you need to write to them. The majority of websites, talk endlessly in the first person. “We’re the number 1 blah blah blah” Who cares? Talk to your user, hold up the mirror, describe them to themselves. I’m my favorite topic. That’s true of everyone. So always try to talk to your visitor about themselves.

The visitor is lazy. If you put any undue restraints or requirements on the user, they will just give up, and leave your site. Have to click eight times to find a product? I’m leaving. No clear next step? I quit. Remove every friction point because we’re just that lazy.

The visitor is drunk. Let’s assume both my reading and decision-making abilities are impaired. Strip away all the unnecessary garbage on your site, make everything big and obvious, and reduce any unnecessary decisions by making those decisions for me in advance through defaults or removing them entirely. Though despite being drunk, they are deeply distrustful of you.

What if your website was your most effective sales person?

Is the user actually a crazy, lazy drunk? No, of course not– okay maybe some of them– but if you adopt these extremes as a mindset, and design for them, then your site will work at its absolute best.

For an outstanding experience, you need to meet the needs of your visitors. People, when visiting your website, are goal-driven. They have a pain or need they need solved, and very little patience for your nonsense.

If your website meets the needs of your visitors by being easy-to-use and properly positioned, it will become the most effective sales person you have.

You can see how

Here's the problem with web design: it's focused too much on design, and not enough on results. You may be at a loss when it comes to knowing if your website is setup properly. Sure, you may have a great site— a beautiful site with wonderful content— but does it make you any money for your business? And if not, then why not, and how do you fix it? Even if you wanted to improve your website, most of us are left scratching our heads wondering where to even begin.

That's where I come in.

Kai Davis (that's me) has built hundreds of winning websites for ourselves and our clients. We've learned, through experience, what it takes to build a website that doesn't just look good, one that actually gets results.

In September 2015, I was speaking at the Double Your Freelancing Conference, when a fellow speaker fell ill and dropped out, leaving a slot open. We had the brilliant idea of doing live critiques (AKA teardowns) of attendee websites to fill the slot. After successfully performing them for an hour, several attendees came up to us afterward and asked us, "Hey guys, where did you learn to do that? It was so helpful!" and then "Hey, I'd love your critique, I'd just prefer it not be in front of a huge audience, cool?" And so this service was born.

How it works:

After you've made your purchase, you'll immediately receive a welcome packet with these next steps:

  • Fill out our pre-call website review questionnaire
  • Book yourself a time on our online calendar
  • You and Kai (that's me) we'll discuss your website live in a private video conference for one hour.
  • A video will be delivered to you after the call to review at your leisure


“Even when I got a lot of traffic to my book's site, I found that the conversions were low. They were low on two fronts— very few visitors to the landing page signed up for the drip campaign giving them sample exercises from my book, and very few people who received the drip campaign then bought the book. I was particularly frustrated, because on several occasions I had written very popular blog posts that drove traffic to the site... and then nothing happened as a result.

I was sure that I would have to make massive changes to my site in order to increase conversions. But in fact, Kai pointed to a number of small things that I could do to change the visitor's perception of my product, and how it could help them.

Not only was I surprised by the small number of changes I needed to make, I was overwhelmed by the nearly instantaneous change in the number of people expressing interest in my book; signups to the drip campaign for my free sample chapter increased almost overnight, and sales increased dramatically, as well. It is now about two weeks since the teardown, and the fee I paid has more than paid for itself.

I not only got insights into how to fix this particular site, but also how to think about sites in general in order to get them to convert. The knowledge that I gained from Kai's analysis has opened my eyes, and have helped me to notice and understand other issues I've had. Moreover, I discovered that this isn't rocket science; a medium number of small, easily implemented changes can have a profound impact.

For example, I got great advice about how to turn my e-mail courses into subscribers to my main list, more than doubling its size to 1200+ overnight.

I would very highly recommend this product. In a very short period of time, I got highly actionable items that made sense to me. I not only learned a lot, and had a good time when learning, but my investment has already more than paid for itself.

Thanks so much for helping to improve my business, and my perspective, with huge ROI.”

—Reuven Lerner, Author of

If you think your website is important to your business success, and want a live workshop with two successful experts, then purchase your Website Teardown now to reserve your time on our calendar. You'll learn how to make your website your most effective salesperson. We'll provide you with helpful, actionable advice focused on improving your website and your business.

Website Teardowns

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If you own a website where you sell a product or service or generate leads, a Website Teardown will help you make your website your most effective sales person.

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Yes, when you purchase you'll receive a link to schedule at your convenience.

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Kai has been very helpful with clear and concise insights that will help us improve our website. Clearly worth the investment. Thanks!
– Manuel