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Transfer from BigCartel to Shopify

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Do you want to transfer your online store from BigCartel to Shopify?

Lots of online stores are transferring to Shopify because it better suits their businesses needs.

Unfortunately transferring from BigCartel to Shopify can be tricky with all the required data migration and unfamiliar jargon. So instead of hacking it yourself why not get a Shopify expert to transfer it for you?

Now you can have

  • Your entire BigCartel store backed up
  • All your products and content pages transferred to Shopify
  • Customer details transferred
  • A shortlist of 3 Shopify themes that closely match your BigCartel store*
  • A new Shopify theme installed

It's never been easier to move from BigCartel to Shopify. What are you waiting for? Start today!

*This service does not include purchase of a new Shopify theme. We will recommend 3 themes which the customer will need to purchase

What can I expect?

  • Backup Existing BigCartel Store
  • Transfer All products
  • Transfer all Customer Data
  • Transfer all content pages
  • Shortlist 3 Shopify Themes
  • Install new Shopify theme

  • Do the work

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About Daniel Sim

Daniel has been helping businesses succeed online for over 14 years. He started his first business, a web consultancy, when just 15 years old. Search engines and optimisation for them was in its infancy. From then until now he has been deeply involved in SEO, online marketing, conversion optimisation and development. Particularly with a focus on online retailers.

As the founder of Plug in SEO he knows all about starting from zero and building something into a successful product.

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Daniel Sim

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Very fast and efficient , plan on working together again, highly recommended
– Darragh