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Top Line SEO Store Review

Top Line SEO Store Review

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A Top Line SEO Store Review is a great way to identify changes you could make to help improve your store and help increase sales and SEO.

We have completed these reviews for a number of stores and it is has given them a lot of ideas to implement. Past customers have seen a good return on their investment.

The document we will produce for you will be custom to your store, include a lot of actionable suggestions of how you can create new content and market your site to reach new customers and increase your audience via social media etc. All suggestions will help to increase sales.

The report will give you a clear list of actions ordered by priority to implement.

The review will include the following areas:

  • Mini-SEO audit of technical site elements and setup
  • Google Analytics audit and suggestions for changes
  • Webmaster Tools account audit and suggestions for changes
  • Store features / content review and suggestions
  • Content marketing reviews and idea

SEO is often seen as technical wizardry, the truth is it’s all about making sure search engines understand what your content is about and ensuring that your content can be indexed and considered for search engine rankings.

This review will help you understand the SEO challenges that your site may be facing.

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  • Produce the Top Line SEO Store Review document

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About Luke Masters

Luke has over 6 years of online marketing and SEO experience.

He has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses, to global brands. His experience has been gained from a combination of agency, in-house and freelance roles.

Luke runs The Pixel Crowd (, a Shopify eCommerce marketing consultancy which offers marketing and development services to Shopify store owners.

He also co-runs a digital marketing consultancy called Positive10 (, which offers web development (design and build) and digital marketing consulting services.

Luke has been working as the SEO project manager for popular the Shopify app, Plug In SEO for the past two years. This experience has exposed him to a wide range of Shopify stores. He has worked with 100's of stores to help improve branding, visibility and increase sales.

Talking to and helping store owners is a passion he would like to grow via consulting and blogging.

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Luke Masters

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well...we'll see if improves traffic!
– Clare Jay