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Premium speed fixes

Premium speed fixes

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Similar to the Complete speed fixes job, this job goes further and improves all of your failing Plug in SEO 'Speed' checks.

Important: The aim of this job is to increase the overall page loading time as measured by GTMetrix (an industry standard checker). You're getting the knowledge and experience of an expert human speed fixer to interpret what automatic speed checkers report should be done and analyzing your code to make sure that a) the change will speed up your site b) will not break key functionality like add to basket c) is possible on your platform.

Every website on the internet has at least one point that automatic speed checkers report as a problem with speed, meaning that it isn't possible or desirable to get a no 'problems' verdict from a speed checker: they are no substitute for a human expert due to a, b and c above! When the job is complete your fixer will give you a before and after report of the overall page loading time of your site. We can't guarantee specific speed increases, but if your speed has not increased we can reverse the work and give a refund.

  • Test everything on site works as normal
  • Detail what's been done
  • Remove redundant code
  • Optimise CSS for speed
  • Optimise Javascript for speed
  • Optimise key images for speed
  • Reduce number of HTTP requests
  • Apply other speed enhancements from experience

About Fabio Rocha

Fabio brings to your job over 14 years experience as a web developer optimising complex applications. He's expert in crafting modern Javascript, CSS and HTML to improve websites. Clean, standards-compliant code is what he produces to make sure your work is completed to a very high quality.

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Fabio Rocha


Great work! Thanks!
– Sheena Douglas

It's too early to determine the results at the moment as i se no change from my side of things in terms of speed. Will have a clearer picture once more feedbacks come in from users.
– Benjamin

Definitely made our site faster!
– Randall Farrar

Excellent job!
– Teresa Paquin

Fabio was good at communicating and made a visible sped increase to our site.
– Di Zhang

What more needs to be done to get the mobile working smoothly? Do I need to pay more? Are there any more processes? Please advise at your earliest convenience please.
– Jerrix

Nice work! Project was completed quickly & professionally. Fabio was very responsive to our requests. We see noticeable improvement on our website speed. We appreciate your expertise! Thanks again :) Rhett & Deborah @ Clothed with Truth
– Deborah Woo

very happy with the job done and the explanations. promptly delivered and twice speed increase after the work done

– Mel

Good job :)
– Elin

Little bit slow to respond and the changes are fairly minor for the price paid - looks like not a lot of time was spent on the job judging by the time-stamps of the before and after. Feel I paid a lot for the work done and how long it took to start the project, but it has done what it said and made speed improvements (if pretty minor).
– David

Great work. Pages are running faster now!
– Erik

Great job.
– Sachin Aurora

Thank you Fabio! Will see how the website speed is affected with these improvements.
– Stephen Macaskill

They doing their work fast enough, but GTmetrix is still not good enough, and i need to repair it myself. I think it can be done better if they respond better to the chat and request and give recommendation (since i'm using premium), rather than just do his work and not giving further recommendation how to improve the store.
– Ruben

Seems a lot quicker! Thanks Guys
– Aquavault

Perfect they resolve my problem
– Mathieu Pellerin

Done within the time frame promised...Reports show speed has improved. How the website performs and if it moves up in the ranks is yet to be seen. Would recommend to others at this point.
– Victoria Jimenez

Increased speed as requested, thank you
– Benjamin Collinson

You didn't do anything at all. I have a screenshot I just took of your last login date which was monday. No tasks were completed between now and then. Refund me my money or do the job.
– Rob Schmidt

– Ann Elia

Nice job my score at gtmatrix went from 59 to 83 defenitily will use their help again I will rate 5 out of 5
– Sultan Alathel

– Angelia Shockley

I'm neither happy or unhappy
– Francois

Service is incomplete, with poor communication. Not happy at all, and want refund.
– Jessica

Great job all around. Very helpful and boosted our speed by a good margin.
– Drew Downs

Great thanks!
– Robert James

Mission accomplished. We're happy with the result. The communication was very smooth. Great experience!
– Sven Montanus

Great job!
– Can Aykanat

I did not have a good experience with this company. They did not do anything that caused a huge increase in speed. I had to hire another company to get the results I was looking for.
– Ernie Contreras

Didn't significantly improve speed like I thought
– Stew

Great work. Would highly recommend! Thanks so much again
– Sam M

Excellent work ! Thanks!
– Jason

I don't see any difference in speed on Google page speed analytics
– Laura Larson

Fabio did a good job and helped me understand why certain "red" issues couldn't be fixed (due to Shopify).
– Elijah Canfield

Fabio quickly carried out the work as the described.
– Patrick

Very happy with the work performed. Would use again
– Sean Lade

Nothing was done! My speed tests are exactly the same. Steps 4 - 11 were completed in one second.
– Jarod King

Thank you!
– Erin Hooley

Very fast service! Really happy with m y end results. thank you!
– melody

A definite increase in site speed as well as Fabio answering all my questions just as fast.
– Damon Paine

I would like a refund. Mobile page speed is now worse. Not much of a change at all with desktop. Not happy because there is No Results. I checked google page speed prior to ordering and after job was complete. No results.
– Matt

fast work and really useful, thank you!!!
– Grace Guo

Thanks for the thorough job and improved site speed!
– Anna Morrison

Good job, delivered promptly.
– Matt Stephenson

Quick and easy, the loaded time of my website has been cut by two ! Thanks for this awesome work ;)
– Roman

You have not finished it still shows errors with the plug in. if i click fix it and then pay to fix i was kinding of expecting it to be fixed. Especially when i was going to be using you for the SEO next
– Scott Quin

I paid for the premium package and they seem to have done none of the work. I ended up having to do it myself. On top of that, its been days since they've last contacted me about this issue. Would like to get a refund please.
– nader ahmed

Didn't have any communication other than a report, so I hope I received value for money spent
– Chris

Great work, did everything and even an extra little job I asked for.
– Josh

What a complete waste of money. After reviewing what was actually done I'm really upset. Not only did this do NOTHING to affect our page speed many of the issues that Plug In SEO said need to be fixed weren't even addressed. Optimizing a few images and minifying CSS...That's it? Give me my money back! Our images were already optimized to the point that the changes made no effect. What a joke.

– Matt Langan

Fabio was very thorough and did a great job improving the loading speed of our Shopify store.
– Anastasia

Thanks guys!
– Garret Akerson