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Premium SEO fixes

Premium SEO fixes

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Everything from the Complete SEO fixes job is included plus more hands-on assistance in choosing keywords and SEO guidance. Selecting the right keywords is about finding those that are frequently searched-for and achievable to rank for for you. If you aren't clear on keywords you should be targeting then this job is for you. In addition to the keyword research you can leave any of the questions asked on signup (just write 'looking for guidance'). Your fixer will come back with recommendations.

  • Meta descriptions
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Page titles
  • Image ALT tags
  • Quality control

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About Luke Masters

Luke has over 6 years of online marketing and SEO experience.

He has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses, to global brands. His experience has been gained from a combination of agency, in-house and freelance roles.

Luke runs The Pixel Crowd (, a Shopify eCommerce marketing consultancy which offers marketing and development services to Shopify store owners.

He also co-runs a digital marketing consultancy called Positive10 (, which offers web development (design and build) and digital marketing consulting services.

Luke has been working as the SEO project manager for popular the Shopify app, Plug In SEO for the past two years. This experience has exposed him to a wide range of Shopify stores. He has worked with 100's of stores to help improve branding, visibility and increase sales.

Talking to and helping store owners is a passion he would like to grow via consulting and blogging.

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Luke Masters

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Only just completed so don't know about results, but Luke was very accommodating.
– Gemma Lawton Bryant

Great team, and they.completed the work in an efficient and timely manner. Will definitely use them on future projects.
– Robert Williams

Thank you Luke and Daniel. After the work was completed our website was on 1st page for the Google keyword we were targeting. They went above and beyond the listed tasks for the Premium Package - I highly recommend!
– Nicolette

Good Job, Thank Luke
– Dat Hoang

Good job, I am satisfied
– Dat Hoang

Great service!!
– Shanna Nash

– Maher Abu Fadel

If our results improve I will be very happy, it was very easy and affordable so hoping for the best results.
– gerard

Thank you for being courteous and responsive and for setting up a template in the theme editor to make it easy for me to make changes to my home page.
– Antonella

I am satisfied with Luke's feedback and actions to fix SEO of my website www.heppi.comau. I am hoping I will get good result from this.
– Atri Arinia

Thank you for all of your help!
– Erin Hooley

best SEO service! delivered on time!
– Themos Papalas

The work was done as agreed in a timely manner. I was expecting that it was more work than it actually was, so I feel that I was over-charged since it was a flat fee.
– Elijah Canfield

thank you for the work!
– Chris

Seemed easy... Now lets see if I earn any more organic traffic.
– paul5154

Thank you for the good services!
– Mark Bartels

Job was smooth and all my questions were answered, thank you!
– Australian Generation

Thanks for the great job. I can see immediate improvement already. Hoping this converts to more appearance on search results.
– Samuel Ogunjobi

Great communication, my site passes all SEO checks. Thank you!
– Janice Mayo

fast and efficient, and he tells you all the thing that he is going to do
– yosef

Thank you for your work, I am very happy, all looks good
– Irene Otto

I thought more would be done deeper into the website but I'm happy with the work done on the first page.
– Bill Beaver

Great work gentlemen you helped me out a ton. I was even able to have my third child during the whole process!
– Nick Lannan

As promised.! thanks
– Xiao Xiao

Even with a good Shopify web site I needed to manage the SEO aspect n more depth and the 'Plug in SEO' people were the 'go to' company for this work. Luke managed quite a difficult task most professionally. I would recommend them!
– Nigel Hayes

Great working with Luke Masters!
– Onyeka Ibe

Was helpful in finding keywords and adding them to my site.
– Dustin Cline

– baiFEI879614

Pretty easy and straight forward
– Hall Risk

We were very happy with the communication, work and follow through provided by Luke on this project. His service is well worth the effort.
– Mike Denney

– Eliseo

– bmcwear

Great effort and communication!
– rob

Quick and efficient job. I look forward to see if it makes a difference in traffic from Google
– Christina

Great job.
– Can Aykanat

Thanks for everything.
– Angie Marei

– Frank Ozmun

– Meir

Seamless communication with the PM and issues were fixed.
– Brian

Luke was amazing and got the job done very fast. These guys are very professional and will definitely get the job done and are very fast to respond to any questions.
– John Faseler

Thanks Luke. Awesome Job!
– leighann1

Overall, I'm Happy!
– Tomaso

– Benjamin

I bought the premium service for the "Hands on" experience - if you don't know where to start, choose this package. The first email that came through there was no keyword analysis, when I asked about this, I did receive an apology and then was sent a list of a few keywords with one number after the keyword but did not look like any real insights as no explanation and certainly no discussion around why these were best for my website. I did get the text on the main page of the website though, which was my ultimate goal, and I have to hope the html coding was done.
– Linda Singh

Job well done. Fast meaningful suggestions and advice. will recommend and use again.
– Brian Higginbottom

I am happy great job hope my website get some traffic
– Dean1107

Everything looks good so far
– Jere Amidei

Luke and his team did an incredible job. Very attentive and proactive. He worked with me to make sure everything looked the way I wanted before moving forward and always responded quickly. He even took care of a small formatting issue that was unrelated to the original project scope and didn't charge me. Highly recommended!!!
– Robert

Great Job!

Good help!
– rachel

Sure hoping this works
– Robert Yancey

– Allen