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One-Off Marketing Strategy Call

One-Off Marketing Strategy Call

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Have a burning question about outreach that you need an answer to? Want an expert's viewpoint on your outreach campaign, your strategy, or your emails? Schedule a phone call to discuss your business.

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About Kai Davis

Kai Davis is an Outreach Consultant in Eugene, Oregon, who helps bootstrappers, product creators, self-funded startups, and single founder companies grow their audience and promote their best products and content. He connect with influencers and finds opportunities to expose your best products and content to their audience.

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Kai Davis


I knew I needed help with marketing, especially with growing my email list, lead generation, and site optimization, but I am naturally cynical about enlisting other people to do these things for me. Then I met up with Kai. He lives nearby, actively reads my blog and is one of my customers. We started talking about marketing and recommendations for improving my online presence. I was intrigued by his ideas and decided to enlist him to institute new lead generators on my site including; a 5-part email course and a free course with existing content to convert visitors into subscribers.These changes resulted in growing our email list 400%+ in 6-months to 2,500+ subscribers. Kai focused on product optimization and developing new product packages and pricing tiers, allowing customers a choice of how much they wanted to spend which more than tripled the average order value on the site. As a result, monthly revenue from product sales on the site grew by 400% leading to substantially increased revenue. The best part about working with Kai was how respectful he was of my thoughts and ideas. He understands when an idea he has is very important and when it is just a matter of style. For example, when I had my opinions about how to implement changes he would provide honest feedback. If he felt strong about making a change or implementing something a certain way, I was much more likely to comply because I trusted his judgment. Kai was also very easy to stay in touch with as we would catch up on video-Skype every couple weeks and he was quick to respond to email. It was apparent that Kai has a real awareness of the current state of online marketing. He stays up to date with the best practices and the current ideas in online marketing and content strategy. Many of the products, services, and plugins he recommended allowed me to optimize my site performance and understand the analytics data for insightful analysis. He knows a lot about email marketing, too. He set up my email marketing campaign using Drip and was very helpful in showing me how to use these technologies on my own. I would certainly recommend Kai to anyone looking to optimize their site and sell more products. I’d especially recommend Kai to those needing recommendations and instruction on email marketing and how to develop product packages.
– Zachary Elwood, Reading Poker Tells

Kai gave me a deep level of insight into my business and how to achieve the outcomes I’m looking for, along with specific, actionable advice to grow my traffic.
– Jason Forest, RigBooks

We tripled the amount of organic traffic that was coming to our site! With Summit Evergreen, we had a great product but didn’t have a way to get the word out there in an organic, repeatable way. We were at a loss on how to increase our traffic and convert that traffic into purchases. Our customer base was made up of referrals, early adopters, and ad-spend — effective for short-term growth, but not long-term sustainability. Our competition had a couple years on us for SEO. In the first 3 months working with Kai, we tripled the amount of organic traffic that was coming to our site. Now we rank on the first page for all our major keywords, have 2 pages as the top result for highly trafficked keywords, and even rank in the top 10 for searches on for our competitors. Best of all, conversion rates have stayed steady, which means that our 300% increase in traffic is converting into 300% more leads over the same time span. People actually talk about Summit Evergreen on podcasts and in articles that we have no connection to — showing true market growth. Kai has been indispensable to the growth of Summit Evergreen.
– Keith Perhac, Summit Evergreen