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Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

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  • Three posts per week with pictures provided by the client in advance
  • Monitor and respond to follower interaction (comments, image/video tags) twice on weekdays
  • Post up to 4 interactions per day
  • Live event coverage once per month for local DFW clients
  • Link Instagram account to Facebook page – Twitter only by request, or live events
  • We guarantee 100% increase in follower interaction with your posts or money back guarantee
  • Our clients are averaging 10+ comments & 100+ likes per post!

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About Sam Gilco

You don’t want ‘just a website’. You want a trusted expert who ‘gets’ online business and entrepreneurship; and understands that your eCommerce store is your business’ online headquarters. It’s important. We’re a professional, experienced team who’ll guide you on the sometimes-rocky path of developing and managing an online store.

Our mission is to be trusted partners with every one one of our small set of clients. We work closely with them to understand their business and not just ‘throw together’ an Ecommerce website – we want you to strut confidently about once your store is finished.

Oh, and we know Shopify back-to-front. Automated emails to drop-shippers? Got that covered. Customizing your theme to make it do something it doesn’t normally do, or make it look better than it normally does? Yep. Uploading a massive batch of products and images, setting up Payment Gateways, and helping you understand how to manage orders? Indeed. And much more.

Above all, we get things done, and we speak plain English – not technical jargon. We also speak Japanese, Spanish, German and French.

With our help, you’ll save time, make money, and get guidance from some of the best Shopify Experts in the industry.

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