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Email flow automation

Email flow automation

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Put Your Email Marketing on AutoPilot

Automatically segment & target customers via Email

Email is one of the best ways to bring in new customers and keep them coming back. But email is a time consuming pain in the ass. That's why we want to automatically tie in directly into your Shopify store.

By sending emails automatically triggered based on what customers do or don’t buy, or when they do or don’t return, you’ll ensure that each customer gets the right message at the right time.

We'll setup several potential automated emails that customers can receive now...

  1. Cart Reminder: People who abandon cart will receive two emails if they don't purchase, one after 4 hours, and 48 hours.
  2. New Customer Thank You: We send a short personalized thank you to customers who just bought from you for the first time to boost engagement and trust.
  3. Repeat Buyer Thank You: We reach out to the loyal customers who have bought from you a second time, boosting engagement and trust. This helps to turn repeat buyers into evangelists for your brand.
  4. Win-backs: Bringing back lost customers, we send two promo emails with suggested items to anyone who hasn't made a purchase in 75 and 150 days.
  5. Cross-sell: We'll review past purchases data to see what products people are likely to buy together or purchase as repeats customers. So if they buy one, we'll auto email them a week later about buying the other one and vice versa.

To enable this marketing automation, you'll need a Klaviyo account, and our one-time setup fee.

If you'd get excited about building an evergreen sales funnel for your store...

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About Kurt Elster

I was one of the first Shopify Experts– after knocking out a custom theme for a local client, I was personally invited by Shopify Partners Program lead and Head of Shopify Experts Dan Eveleigh to join the program. Of course I said yes, and I loved it so much that in 2014, I decided to niche down exclusively on Shopify, bowing out of all non-Shopify projects. Since then, I’ve been writing about Shopify, talking about Shopify, and teaching about Shopify. Hell, I run the single most popular Shopify podcast by far, and I didn’t even start it that long ago.

As a result, I've been able to specialize exclusively and successfully in helping Shopify store owners generate huge revenue growth.

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Kurt Elster

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The site Kurt built for us looks fantastic. We honestly couldn't be more pleased. Kurt assembled the site that we were hoping for. He saved us a lot of time by building the initial site based on his experience of what is successful, and then revising it with us together. Kurt and his team are diligent, quick, and completely competent. He's a real pro, and we appreciate it.
– Cloud Forge Vaping

I can't thank Kurt enough! I so appreciate everything he's done, my new theme looks fabulous and I know people will want to shop now! The work was completed quickly, he responded to all my emails within the same day and in a couple of weeks he was finished with the project - so impressed with his website rescue... my site is more than I expected. Kurt is truly a "master of his art", I highly recommend him and I will definitely continue with Kurt and Ethercycle as my Shpify Experts. Elsa P. Jena Richards Weddings
– Jena Richards Weddings

With the increase in traffic and better conversion rate, our online sales have exploded since meeting Kurt and the guys at Ethercycle. Do not waste your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase.
– Michael DiMartini, Everest Brands

When I got in to ecommerce, I started with a store on another platform I put together myself but was never happy with the design, features, or performance. Once I decided to move to Shopify, I looked for a local expert and after talking to Kurt, decided to give Ethercycle a try. They were enthusiastic about my products and knowledgeable about ecommerce. Once I sent them my products, Kurt went to work on photographing them in a spectacular fashion, and setting up a store based on my brand. Once setup, we work collaboratively to complete my revisions. The result has exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to future wins with Ethercycle.
– Strapped Watch Company

Kurt and the Ethercycle team have been amazing! From initial consultation to web development to ongoing recommendations regarding everything from useful apps and online marketing, their level of service and their expertise are exceptional. I can't say enough good things about these guys.
– Made Man Nutrition