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Complete speed fixes

Complete speed fixes

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Visitors get frustrated and will leave your site if it fails to load quickly. They're increasingly browsing from slower and less reliable mobile networks making it even more crucial that your site responds fast. Slowness will affect your conversion rate. Google considers speed as a quality factor when it ranks your site. Plus, all search engines will not fully crawl a site that is slow. Speed is a key part of a solid SEO foundation for your site. Often there are ways to streamline your HTML, Javascript and CSS code files to make your site respond and download faster (technically speaking: minification, compression, removing redundant code etc.). This job will take one of your failing checks from the Plug in SEO 'Speed' check and improve it. All of the coding is handled for you: you don't need any programming experience. There might be some questions about apps that can be removed but other than that everything else will be taken care of to speed up your site. Fixing one of your failing checks often improves another check, so this can be enough to noticeably speed up your site.

  • Remove redundant code
  • Improve one of the failing Speed checks
  • Test everything on site works as normal
  • Detail what's been done

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Thanks for the fix!! Fabio helped to speed up my home page in timely manner and at a reasonable price.
– Diane Melen
– Galina

Good Service.
– Caryn Inglis

I got a report from one site that said it helped with the speed but 2 other speed sites aren't showing any difference and I haven't noticed a difference. Maybe I needed to get the full package instead of the middle one.
– Erin Costello

Thought work was going to be great, but I believe it was sub-optimal.. felt like I wasted 150$ for something I could have had my own developer do for 50$.
– Josh

My images were over over compressed by Blimpon & the final result didn't make any real difference to my site. My advice would be to spend more money & have a proper & more personalised job done.
– Lash Marash

Quick and easy
– Steven Paron

– Caspian

– marcia smith

Fabio did well. I was expecting more but I picked the basic plan which is only 1 fix. Fabio went ahead and did a little more and then gave me some tips to do on my own which I did and worked wonders. Overall I'm satisfied, it was a little expensive for 1 fix, but when you can't do it yourself you have to have someone do it and their work is valuable. Compare to other companies it wasn't that bad, I'm just a small company and have to watch every penny I spend. Hopefully I'll see some return soon. Thank you Fabio.
– Dunia Debk

I'm neither happy or unhappy
– Stella

Thank you for the work you did on my site. I have a major concern that I just noticed. Before you worked on my site I had two apps, one Loox Reviews and the other Cross Sell app that displayed content on my product pages. The Loox reviews showed actual reviews with photos at the bottom of my product pages — this is no longer showing up, even though when I check the product page liquids, the include code for this is still there. But the reviews no longer show up on my product pages Same with the Cross-Sell app, it displayed products of the same design right after the add to cart button, and even though the include code for that is still on y product pages, they no longer show up either. Please let me know how to get those back to the way they were. This is very important.
– Nicole Brown

What a massive difference. Thanks so much!
– Sue

I have reviewed the work and everything looks great! Thank you! We shall see in the coming days and weeks how it improves overall performance!
– Michelle

Very well done - Used all three (3) services - well worth it. Thanks for your hard work!
– Neil Brown

terrible service. terrible communication. Got sent this link that my project was updated, I keep getting the auto notifications and have sent an honest review. Nothing. Please take me off your list. Waste of time and money. Thanks
– Clayton Turner

I'm not sure about this... I don't see a speed rapport on the fixes and i thought they would do more then only compress the images...... I could have done this myself I think.....
– spiry4life

Thank you Fabio Rocha! You are not only helpful, professional and friendly, but you are quick to complete the job as well. Much appreciated.
– Almarette de Wet

Happy it was completed quicker then the two week timeframe
– Sarah Wilmott

Thank you

– Christina Nguyen

Thank you, Fabio did a great job speeding up my site overall.
– Lexi Butler

Thank you Fabio. you are great!
– Alice

These guys are very responsive, very professional, and go out of their way to answer your questions when the job is complete. Fabio clearly detailed the work done and had it done within 5 days of payment being made! Very happy, and highly recommend!
– Charlie Ross

Improved speed on the site, not by a huge amount but an improvement all the same
– Nick Costello

Website tested better for speed then before, thank you!
– Cassandra-Anne

Still believe in their work just not sure if im clear on whether i need additional work on speed.
– Corliss Turner

Fabio was very, professional, understanding and cooperative.
– hydir hussain