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Structure your HTML (website code) properly and ensuring the right keywords are used in the right places is essential to ensure you have the best chance to rank well in Google, Bing and other search engines. Page titles, meta descriptions, headings, ALT tags all have a part to play in this. With many e-commerce and website platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Wordpress lots of this can be automatically generated with the right code in place. Your site template code will be fixed to take full advantage of this and correct HTML errors (things like duplicate title tags). You don't need any programming experience. You simply answer a few questions about the keywords you'd like to target. If your site isn't in English that's okay too. As long as you can provide keywords in your language and message your fixer in English we can handle all of the coding. Spanish, French, Danish, Thai and other customers have successfully completed this job.

  • Meta descriptions
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Page titles
  • Image ALT tags
  • Quality control

About Aiza C. Leano

Aiza has been helping hundreds of Shopify stores with their SEO including on page optimization, keyword research and code changes.

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Aiza C. Leano


Thank you for everything!
– claudio muraca

– tamara

Ok with the work but i don’t see more People and more order... Thx
– Shop 12

Thank you for all your help. You made life easier for Me
– amanda

I only see on thing that was changed or updated or fixed
– Tavonne Shazier

I still dont see my site on the first page if i search Chain link curtains or designer curtains?
– Paul Kelly

Friendly, great communication and informative! It looks good!
– Sandra Hall

I'm very impressed with the amount of details that were provided, the extra steps for me to take, thank you so much. I'm very happy with the work that Aiza provided.
– Kelli Holtman

Good communication. Completed over the 14 days that was expected but overall happy. Have to wait and see how well the site performs on Google though.
– Jason

– Sarah Stewart

Aiza was very responsive and helpful. thanks so much for helping us.
– Roy Sheinberg

Very happy with result.
– Derek Hawkins

Great Experience! Highly recommended, Aiza was fantastic and did a awesome job!
– Elvis Kraljev

thank you
– Kimber Fitzmorgan

Wonderful job! Luke was very patience with our many changes. Great to work with!
– Will

Luke was very clear with what needs to be done. Overall very satisfied.
– Bryan Leung

Seems to be working
– Jessica Lund

Aize provided prompt service and seems to have resolved the issues we were having.
– Steve Farwell

Very happy with the work, looking forward to doing more SEO projects with Blimpon.
– Alex BT

I'm not exactly sure if I'm supposed to see a difference, so I can't really tell.
– Judy Whale

great job
– Hannah Choi

Great job!
– Michael

Thank you for your help!
– Sandy Huang

– Jonas Lundgren

– Matt

work delivered as described
– Alex

– Christian Bedsworth

Job done with efficiency and speed and great communication by Luke throughout the process. Very happy!
– Patricia Tanasic

– arieh ella

Very easy to work with.
– Harith Yahya

Great and speedy work. Thank you.
– Rodney Fetaya

Thank you very much :-)
– Terence

H1 tags didn't match other text on site initially had to make quite a few requests to have this changed to not look so out of place. OK service but wish the fixer was more responsive so we could complete the job within the advertised 14 days.
– Alvin Mills

Thank you
– Sayoko Bunch

– Sam

– Samirah Sartaj

Very satisfied! Great customer support.
– Andrew Corbett

Quick and responsive
– Camillus

I haven't seen the effect of the fixes as it is too early to tell but I am happy with the suggestions and overall customer service
– Tarila Morrone

Great communication.
– amy

You took more than 14 days to complete the work.
– Mohammad

I'm OK with the work.
– Steven Hunter

Luke was very efficient and am glad to get all the errors fixed!
– Jennifer

All good thanks
– Kevin Serpaggi

not sure what was really done or how to evaluate the results
– Steve Voss

Plug In SEO expert Aiza did great job with my store . Very professional and timely manner. I appreciate their effort with careful research they did and implementation in general. I will do work with them in the future. Thank you
– Nikola

Professional and fast turnaround.
– Kenny Lee

Awesome Work
– Soctt

Things were not completed that you claimed were...
– Brandi Kennedy

Thank you!
– Sylvia

Great service
– Zack Kram

The end result could have been achieved in a third of the time it took to complete. 14 days is not practical and unnecessary seeing how it just SEO. Since its SEO and most of this information is readily available for free everywhere this job should have been way more affordable and lastly customer service and waiting for a response back on issues or questions is virtually none existent. It's only text and or email so the long waiting for a response back is unacceptable. all in all, I hope and expect the SEO issues on our website have been resolved but only time will tell, that said the staff was polite and courteous.
– Peter

The project is performed by Luke and i´m satisfied with the support of the company, i recommend these guys to help you with seo assignments.
– Edwin Trouwborst

Super helpful and got the job done!
– allison wilcox

I hope to see some improved traffic soon, haven't seen any change yet, but the work was done as requested, thanks!
– Sarah Caulfield

I'm assuming I didn't have enough content to alter. I thought the images would be improved also.
– Crave Eyewear

Great work and support.
– andrea brentegani

Not sure yet
– Zozo@1980

Thank You! Great Job.
– Rey

Not test yet but Aiza finish work quickly and check it carefully

– Emma Ericson

Muy rápido y eficiente, ahora esperar por los resultados.
– Paula Monteiro

Thank you for making this a smooth process!
– Rayssa Conner

Thanks Aiza! Great optimization we have more search now
– Xavier Couture Laurendeau

Everything is great, thank you!
– Katie Fritchle

Aiza did a great job completing my SEO fixes. Everything done quickly and in constant communication
– Greg

Very happy with the service! Purchased a package to fix SEO issues. Luke (one of the experts) did a fantastic job. Very happy with the finished result. What impressed me the most is the patience and understanding on their end. He answered all my questions and I was able to communicate with him during the entire duration of the project, from start until completion.
– Miya

Aiza did a great job! Thank you!
– Antonella Zangheri

After reviewing the work done am happy with the end results. That being said, not so regarding the delivery timeframe, it took way too long. Immediately took place after escalating the issue. PMs needs to be more aware of delivery timeframes and more proactive on communicating any potential delays to ensure customer awareness.
– Bill

Let’s see how it works out
– Hakan Lindgren

Great Job, everything is complete. Great communication!
– Charlotte LeBeau

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service.
– heidi123

Great job, thank you.
– Len Lidkea

Great assistance. Thank you
– Paul Argus

Luke kept us informed of his progress and explained in layman's terms what is was doing, as it went straight over our heads, but at the end it flew through "Plugin SEO" with no errors at all. Thanks
– Martin Birkhead

Thanks for the work
– Matt Berry

Excellent customer service!
– Eric Parsons

– Mahmoud

Very happy with the help.
– Jeremy LaPlante

Thanks for the work
– Paola

– marcia smith

Made a huge difference, thank you so much!
– angela vavalis

the process was easy...Luke was very informative and provided easy to understand guidance.
– jeffrey harper

Appreciate the guidance for a newbie to SEO
– Matt

Aiza Leano was a joy to work with. She made it easy to understand the steps she was taking to improve my site's SEO, and kept me informed of her progress throughout the job. Thanks, Aiza!
– Jonathan Brown

my traffic to the store seems un-changed, not really happy tbh
– Mathew

Everything looks good. Took a little time for everything to get done, but it was worth it for the benefit of good SEO.
– J. B. Wilson

Looks amazing. Very detailed report of what was done and I can't wait to see the results.
– Sundura LaTurner

ThanYou Luke!
– Wendy

The work was done in a timely and communicative manner and I have nothing to fault about that whatsoever. Whether it yields the results desired is too early to say at this point. My aim was to see an improvement in organic search results. Fingers crossed, it will be so. Thank you for what you have done to date.
– rustom engineer

Great advice and prompt service. As a newbie to SEO, Aiza was great to work with an extremely helpful.
– Robyn Cara

Excellent job!
– Teresa Paquin

As a complete beginner in the world of SEO, I was only too happy to let an expert, Aiza tackle my Shopify sites SEO problems. Aiza drew up a plan, implemented it on time and provided me with an outline explaining what she did and why she did it. She provided tips on monitoring the sites progress using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I realize this type of work requires the passing of time to reap the benefits of SEO, but I fully expect a big improvement in my site performance as a result of Aiza's work. Thanks.
– Robert Bradley

Very responsive and helpful suggestions made to fix site SEO problems, thanks.
– Steve Lambourne

Job was done after due date. Scope has been covered well. Not exactly sure of its effectiveness yet.
– Rachel

very good
– Mazumis

prompt, efficient and through job - thank you
– Amelia

All good. Thanks!
– Sebastian

Aiza was great to deal with. She was careful to communicate with us about our needs and the specifics of our industry, before implementing any changes. Especially considering the price, this was definitely well worth the money.
– Kevin Tetz

This is my second time doing this with Aiza, and we saw a significant growth on sales after the last time!
– amanda henson

Brilliant, great advice, really helpful
– Chris Milner

Thank you for helping me with my Seo problems, I appreciate your patience and guidance.
– emilia sarris

Great service, superb communication and great help with SEO. Highly recommended.
– Magdalena

I need to make edits to your changes ASAP! I am a bit shocked by the grammar, as I thought you may be English. Also, aside from some lines added to the homepage, I do not know what other changes have been made.
– Scott Crews

Luke and his team did a great job and handled it quickly and efficiently.
– Aperez5495

I had a few issues I had to fix and even though there were Fix it Yourself instructions I really didn't want to mess up with that. Luke was very good and did the needed fixes in a timely basis. I picked the basic package and even though it was only for minimum fixes I believe it fixed a big part of my main page SEO issue. I'm pleased with the fixes, now let's see if it makes a difference in my visitors. Thanks Luke!
– Dunia Debk

Excellent work! Great job by the team.
– Giovanni

Great job
– Don Romans

Very happy!
– Jason Bowdach

– Justine Levin

I am very satisfied with the service and communication I receive. It will be fun to see improvement in the future
– Mike Connors

Very professional and serious company!
– livio

– kent smith

Always very polite and explained the whole time what they were doing and if i was happy, and overall am happy.
– Oli

extreamly expensive for what they do
– sanjiv

– Marco

Great work
– Mohammad Khan

overall good work. will use again.
– Brad

Νο seo at all!!!
– Panagiotaki Marina

Luke was quite prompt when communicating but it did take longer than 14 days for the work to be done.
– Amy

Really happy with the work done and I have been updated every step of the way
– Duane Avison

Thank you
– Kia Jahromi

Aiza did a fantastic job helping with my SEO issues!!
– Chas Huggins

Thank you so much! You did a great job. I truly appreciate it!
– Linette Montgomery

Fast and friendly service
– Deborah Bell

The job was just completed so it is too early to tell if it has made any difference. I will monitor the traffic over the next few weeks
– John Davis

Very happy with the overall look of my homepage. Great communication and good advice.
– Claire Chapman

– Karina Guillon

Thank you!
– Ligre Ward

I think I've done most of the work. I have no team. I'm tech stupid and I am not sure what has been done yet.
– David Lambert

Great experience, fast and thorough :)
– Valerie Best

The work is not done Aiza did not fix it correctly
– Alissa Farina

Awesome, as always!
– Mikaree

Too early to tell
– In & Out Home Products fix

Great Job Thanks
– Theo

Aiza was great - brilliant communication and the job was completed well. Thanks guys
– Jessica Galvin

Gracias por tu ayuda Aiza
– Gorka

I don't know a lot about SEO - but am hoping what was implemented works well :-)
– Susie

I'm not too familiar with SEO so it's a bit early but I will say Luke is very responsive and I look forward to seeing the performance of our site!
– Kristin

Smooth process, just looking for some info on what was completed as well as some questions on Alt Image tags.
– Ken MacDonald

The Blimpon team was extremely helpful and communicated with me well through the whole process of fixing my SEO problems. Hopefully the stats turn out excellent as well!
– Mary

I would like more info on what the SEO is doing for me and how can I tell if its working effectively
– Tony Sedillo

Happy with the results. Thank you
– George Gibbons

I'm very pleased with Aiza's work. Her assistance was not only productive and helpful, but educational too. I know so much more about SEO optimization now! Thanks!
– CBD Circuit

Very good, any problems they dealt with and was easy to ask for advice would highly recommend
– oliver

Thank you Luke - looks great.
– Anna Patty

Really happy with the work completed. Will hopefully begin to see our organic traffic levels increase!
– Bonny Parker-Davies

Great service! I am very happy with the suggestions made by the team and the quick turnaround time for implementation.
– Julie Norris

thank you
– Tara Langdale

Although it took longer than expected the end results were good. I did a Google search with two variations and fond my site on the first page on both searches. Haven't tried other engines yet. Worth the money!
– John Christensen

I don't any difference from the fix. Additionally, sames issues of ( weblink persist with "SEO Problem" & "Broken Links"
– Contempo!

Thank you for your work.
– Kim

Nice job..
– Daniel Strasser

Aiza has been excellent to work with. The project was finished ahead of schedule and I couldn't be happier. :)
– Michael

So far so good
– Chuck Hoeffler

– Ann Marie Ronsin

We appreciate the work and effort put into the job, but we haven't seen an increase in visitors at all.
– Shelley Theaux

It was good
– Jay Kim

Very Informative and easy to deal with
– Aaron

Issues solved. Next step to see if rankings and traffic improves.
– Ed

Thanks so much for your help Aiza!
– Martin

Luke was very responsive.
– Traci Nixt

Thanks Luke, appreciate the SEO work. Look forward to now obtaining some hits to the site!
– Nigel Thayer

Aiza executed all the tasks in a timely manner. Thank you!
– Dayane Fonseca

Thank you so much Aiza for your help :D
– Alan

Its took forever and I dont even have a lot products. I was thinking work blimpon but I dont think I will do ever now
– ENES6124

Fantastic service!
– -Victoria Roberts- Blaze And Leaf

He is superb in following up and explaining what needs to be done. I highly recommend this
– Clara Kung

The quality of fixes is good, however, we would have liked to better leverage the Blimpon capabilities for our website. Plus the project took twice as long.
– Kanika Mittal

Great works and easy to communicate, they did well.
– Nicole Goh

Luke explained what he was doing and offered good suggestions.
– Janelle Anderson

I have no idea what I'm doing with these things... so it was wonderful to have someone who's an expert make it really easy for me.
– Lauren Koester

Good work, quick turnaround, thanks!
– Karl Hamouche

Work was completed on time and as described. Good results.
– Siobhan Simpson

So far I haven't noticed an improvement in traffic or conversion but perhaps its taking a while to get through to google.
– Clare

Very good service and feedback. I recommend 100%
– Ketogourmet

Good work completed within the timeline they stated.
– Santiago Rocha

Aiza was very helpful, job was done on time. Thank you.
– Dunia Debk

I would like to know what exactly was fixed
– Rock Roll n Soul

I have typed in the keywords: safari, wildlife and africa and we aren't appearing on the first search page of Google.
– Raheema Patel

Thanks, very efficiently handled!
– Lisa Adkinson

Good Job
– Flavio Troxler

Thank you for completing the work. Thank you very much for your professional service I will contact you again if this is needed for other projects. thank you
– Joann

Luke Masters!
– Andrew

thank you Luke and Blimpon for you help. I look forward to seeing the increased traffic to our site.
– Jody Olson

Great communication, very helpful!
– Michael Murphy

Great communication. Can't wait to see the results.
– Chuck

Not sure the extent of the work
– Catherine

The project is not done but I look forward to writing a great review
– Noelle Spinosa

Everything looks great! Thanks!
– Bob Hagan

Really happy with the SEO fixes, Aiza was great helping get our site up on the search engines. Definitely recommend, thank you!
– Nine Zen

The team was easy to work with, quick turnaround for the time of year. Good work!
– Dillon Fitzgerald

The team were efficient and engaged.
– Jon

Aiza was communicative and efficient. I am very happy with the result.
– Simon Holland


I am very pleased with the work!

Fantastic work! You guys are great! Very helpful every time!
– Matthew Southern

Excellent service from Aiza. Thank you so much for all the work and help you provided.
– Mehdi Mebarki

Completed the job within time frame and worked with us to make recommended improvements.
– Dina Kruczaj

– andrea brentegani

Awesome job!
– Staness Jonekos

Superfast fixes and always very clear communication!
– Tom Cools

Great Job
– heidi123

Seeing a bit more traffic, which is a start. Love working with Aiza. This is my third job with her. She is knowledgeable, prompt and efficient. Will definitely use her services again.
– Teresa Hoskins

Looks great! Hoping to see more traffic to my site soon!
– Rachael Young

Nice contact, and good jobs

Let see if this improve the browsing position. Thanks
– juan Vallmitjana

Love working with Luke on these projects! I see significant change in our SEO after the work is done! I highly recommend them for all your SEO needs!
– Michelle

Thanks for your help correcting some of the errors with my website.
– Joe Hunter

take too long time and not as promised 14 days complete the job.
– mo li

Great work!
– Greg Presayzen

Not really sure what was done other then they added a few words to the home page.
– Jennifer Jeffery

Thank You for your work my shop is now running fast.. great service
– RQ Supplements

Luke was was very understanding of what I wanted and explained thoroughly, in terms I could understand, what I needed and why. Luke was easy to work with and responded to my emails quickly - I look forward to working with him again
– Kim Dugina

Quality job and answered my questions along the way. I'd certainly use them again.
– Wilbur Sims

Good job!
– Terry T H CHOW

– Linh Tran

I am Happy with the results, thank you
– Eman

Laid out the steps in a way that was easy to understand. Receptive to suggestions. Completed the work in a timely manner.
– Uzma

– Angie Kornas

good job, and helpful with questions. Thanks!
– Ellena

Thank You
– James

Aiza did a great job and was very responsive and gave me great info to help me understand everything that was happening. Highly recommend.
– Carla Thomas

Informative and completed in timely manner!!
– Dannah Smith

– Antonio

A very simple process and with good communication. Looking forward to seeing the benefits of improved SEO.
– Glen Dobbie

– Juraj

Great Job
– Mor Stillman

I engaged Luke for an SEO fix. The process was painless. Let's see if it works, come find me google!
– Michelle Wiedman

good and transparent communication
– Ana Rubinoff

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!
– Rich Rentrop

Haven't seen any improvements yet
– warpath

good service
– Ed Styles

The team has been very helpful throughout the process. I thank them for all their hard work!
– Valarie Zaitsev

Very helpful and listened to exactly what i requested! great thanks again!
– Robert James

I guess it does the job!
– Arnaud

good communication. Nice person. If my SEO fix has success in terms of ROI I will book her again.
– Jochem van der Zee

great guys fast and excellent work
– Nikhil Jain

Very nice job

Without knowing much on SEO, All seems to be working much better.
– Jim Snook

Aiza was so helpful and easy to work with. Would recommend!
– Jordan Smith

Aiza was great! Love the changes and was helpful with the explanations
– Eli Yonas

Great work and communication from the Blimpon SEO team.
– Chris Howe

Work was completed timely and I am very happy.
– Heather Dietrich

happy with the work
– marcel

Great Job! Very helpful.
– Catherine Ricci

Everything has been great
– Oscar Lopez

– Kenny Ly

I am happy with the completion of the job, the next step is to see the real effects from a better SEO!
– ChinHon TOH

Great job! Luke did exactly what I asked for and did it without us noticing his presence on the backend of the site!
– Amanda

Very pleased with the overall experience. Thank you
– Safiya Hickson

Satisified with the work done and how fast it was completed. Yet to see if SEO fixes have changed anything as work was just done but confident that my website is better because of it. Thangs again.
– Keon Addai

Excellent work! Very happy working with you.
– Sandra Scott-Allen

Good work. Just wish we got finished up sooner.
– Mathew Pinelli

Excellent work!
– Matias

It took way longer than agreed, the job was done in a superficial way. I guess we should invest more in order to get a better result
– Paolo

Looks good, now waiting for results!
– Dan Canfield

Thank you - look forward to better rankings
– Steve Botha

buen job!
– Mo

Great job Luke. I have already had 2 orders received via my web site. I know that there is always extra work required with a web site. But with your input and knowledge, thankyou. A very Satisfied Customer.
– Jeff

happy with the work great job luke
– paul moore

The process was easy and the price was reasonable. I am excited to see how the changes made impact overall performance of the site.
– Kelsey Perry

– Jordan Mitchell

Great service
– Zeynep Jennings

Thank you for completing the job to a great standard. Easy communication and i look forward to seeing my SEO improve.
– Nilanka Hevapathirana

Nice work
– Todd Davies

While I can't see results yet, I am very happy to have this taken care of.
– Catherine Page

Great experience, very professional, great suggestions, would highly recommend!
– Matt Wilbur

SEO work complete. Will now wait for the results
– Cameron

– Dimitri Saco

Excellent work! Very happy with the app and SEO; will look other Blimpon services to improve our website!!
– Steven Smith

thanks for the support i am hoping to see an improvement in my SEO standing...
– Rebecca

Thanks Luke
– Gina Gatford

I emailed about this. The time it took was far longer than I expected. Please see email.
– Andy

Got prompt attention and efficient, fast service from Azia . Thanks
– Shesh Tantry

Luke and the team did a great job! Can't wait to see the impact it will have. Some things are just better left with the professionals.
– Lori

Excellent job! Very helpful and responsive! Looking forward to the much better performance that is now sure to come!
– Jim Biehl

Wonderful experience. Very Helpful i worked directly with Aiza C. Leano
– Babs Smart

Very happy with results
– Shannon Mckay

I was expecting better result in google when i search canada bolts ..
– Frederic

Easy to work with and quick to respond. Great job
– Jake

Could see some improvement, but overall happy
– Kim Kwiatkowski

It hasn't been much time so I cannot give long term reviews, but I hope the work will be helpful to our sales. thank you so much!
– EcoColors Inc

Grateful for the personalized experience and patient staff! Thank you!
– Keiko Akamine

They Did the Job they Said they would
– Rish Sharma

No improvement yet but will see
– Sabrina

No Comment
– Owais Mohebi

Top quality work and customer service. Would definitively recommend Aiza to anyone looking to improve there site's SEO
– Shane Cayless

– Pino

Thank you Luke! Super responsive, and really helpful in explaining the changes along the way. I am not an expert in this field and am so grateful for the changes he made!
– Eli Yonas

Overall the job was done
– Akaki Graff

The service was fine. OUTCOMES? Time will tell.
– Amir Cohen

Very easy to work with! Implemented changes quickly :-)
– Maureen

Work was done exactly how we were hoping
– Josh

very efficient!
– Ona Chan

Aiza did an amazing job and walked me through everything. Thank you!
– Leah Lansberry Austin

Everything looks great. SEO plugin found no errors (and there were A LOT before!) Thanks!
– Tim Brieaddy

thanks Aiza, you've massively helped!
– Matt

Great Job, thank you !
– Nadine Adam

Great job!
– Austin Butler

Nice job
– Lucien Scheek

I am very happy with the team and work from Plug in Seo! Look forward to seeing results.
– SaltyGirl Beauty

Luke was great to work with. Listens to your needs and makes it happen.
– Molly Douglas

So far so good. I am not sure Understand all that was done but I hope it helps my business.
– Mary Mooney

good communication and good work. fast and efficient.
– Juan Carlos Garcia

Looking forward to seeing how this performs!
– whitney1

Good level of service
– Michael

just perfect I recommend it very good support
– mark sebastian

Would be good to know how our SEO is now compared to before :)
– Shahbaz Mirza

Great work. thank you.
– Rodney Fetaya

fast communication looking forward to seeing improved seo performance
– Jeremy Lee

nice job and a smooth communication. recommended!
– Dirk Schumacher

Great work. Highly recommend!
– Steven Marcum

Thank you guys for getting this done quickly and without Hassle. Very Happy
– Jason

Thank you.
– Sherif

Professional and accurate
– Rudiger Mees

Good job, thank you very much.
– alaa

The suggestions were great and the work done very quickly!
– Melanie

Aiza was very thorough and communicated very clearly. She did the work quickly and corrected my SEO issues much more effectively than I could have!
– Briana Beazley, NadiaGirl

Aiza was did a wonderful job. She clearly explained what she was going to do and then she performed the fixes /updates I needed flawlessly. I really appreciated her clear communication and explanations since I'm not super techie and SEO has been a challenge for me! This was money well spent!
– Julie

Happy, thank you
– Matt

Slow to respond
– Travis

Luke was excellent. My SEO score jumped from 88 to 93.
– David Schoonmaker

Thank you so much!! Very happy!
– Gina Christine

I don't know if it's worth how much I paid... Changed a header, and a couple of other small things. Bit I'm quite dissapointed in myself for paying this much without shopping around.
– Mo

Overall, I'm happy with the support and results. Response timing was a bit slow at times. On one occasion the system did not notify me of a response so I had to go back and see that there was a reply that I was missing.
– Mike Thompson

Great customer service.
– Alexander Bailey

Excellent service as usual.
– Susanne Hunter

Thank you for the prompt service.
– Heidi thomsen

– Palalt190.

Thanks So much
– Mel

– SPEAR Performance

Work seems good, pending results.
– Ahmed

– Mark Galea

Great service
– KingzEurope

Improved my seo very quickly. Great job. Thank you
– kate brown

Very easily reachable staff, who kept me informed throughout the process. All looks well and good. Aiza was extremely helpful and informative.
– Scott Spittal

Great job. Thanks
– Naomi Joyce

great work. thank you.
– Steve Lim

The work was well organized and done without incident. I recommend these folks for any SEO work needed on your site.
– John McCleskey

Thank you Aiza.
– Tim O'Dempsey

amazing work!
– Jordan Baywood

Straightforward. Great job. Look forward to seeing the results- thank you
– Eddie

Good job
– pauline lombardo

Good work done
– Tyson

Excited to see the results of the work!
– Jake Gordon

Aiza finish the job in perfect timing and the communication was good! I don't have all the visibility about what changes she made but now I'm going to wait and see if I have results.
– Victor Lopez

Thorough and successful. Will need some support to continue to improve. Thanks
– Joe Casciani

Awesome job! I am very happy with the work. Thank you.
– Mirna Lockmay

We had a great experience - very easy to deal with and flexible in terms of helping us with our individual questions plus all done in a timely way
– Ian Oliver

Great work
– Meiko

Bad communication. Not even clear what was done...
– Inna

It was a pleasure working with such a skilled expert!
– Alicia Burgess

Thanks for the good and timely work.
– Jean Beauchamp

Quickly implemented SEO adjustments. Optimization should pay off.
– Anthony Bonello

Thank you so much, nice job!!
– James Wellersdick

Great work by a great team!
– Issam Bawab

Have not check but seems to be done well
– Kyle

Great work! Thank you so much.
– Ikhelowa Sanni

Overall happy!
– Leslie

Happy very good work.
– Cynthia Maxwell

Thank you so much Luke.
– Sylvia

Always great fast efficient service! Thank you!
– Michelle

Aiza was a terrific partner in helping us strengthen and fix our SEOs throughout our site. We had portions of our site that were mostly invisible to the search engines, especially as it came to H1 & H2 tags, and the shopify templates do not provide a solution. All of these issues were fixed and we no longer have any issues. I would definitely work with them again in the future!
– Martin

Waiting for results
– Isaac Mizrachi

Great friendly and helpful service!
– Kevin Rowe

– kosmetx

Thanks for your help.
– Austin Roberts

Great stuff
– Matthew Dormer

Aiza has been very helpful with our two sites and professional. Thank you
– Susanne Hunter

Excellent customer service!
– Eric Parsons

Great job now I understand the different fixes better.
– Corliss Turner

Great Service. On time. Knows what they are doing! Highly rec.
– Daniel Bendjouia

Just need a receipt please??
– David Ward

They managed to do what was asked of them in the amount of time given
– John Luce

Thank you!
– Scott Ward

Good jobs, very responsive and efficient
– Sabrina Luccioni

High recommend for Luke Masters and the PlugginSEO team. Thanks
– Karl Kozak

Done per requirement
– Adrian Ho

Great job!
– Jared Saucier

– Iurii Gryga

The Blimpon team was responsive and completed the work on time. The only hesitation I have giving a high rating is that I'm not sure if the amount paid for the project was worth the amount of work completed on the website. That's partly due to my own ignorance and not having sufficient SEO knowledge. Otherwise Divya and Aiza were great to work with.
– Dany Bolduc

excellent job.... soooo happy. yahoo!!
– Catherine

Very professional, very fast and looking forward to great results. Will use again!!
– Neil Brown

Thanks Aiza. You did a great job! I will be sure to use you again for all my SEO work.
– Jeff Skie

Done the required work as promised. Very happy!
– ChinHon TOH

Luke was a pleasure to work with.
– Laura Reed

So far, I like the changes. The service was fast, easy and convenient.
– Ksenya L

can yo outline the full differences that you have made
– Simon Gavin

Good job
– Robert Armstrong

Good service and helpful
– Jacob Windows

Thank you again for the good job done on my second site.
– Heidi thomsen

Work is good
– Laura

Aiza was professional and answered every question. Would definitely use this again.
– Marcus Pierre

Thank you for adding to my knowledge base and helping me to pick the right key words for my site and header's.
– Mike Barrett

– Mahesh Kumar

I recognize that SEO optimization is something I need to be aware of and need to do, but it’s too early to tell whether it works. I did see an initial uptick in traffic, but then I also came across a google ad that wasn’t taken out by me. I thought that was a little sketchy. But only time will tell!
– Stanford

– Whiskey Island Clothing

Work was ok but I generated all the words and seemed expensive for what was actually done.
– Liz Henderson

Super happy with the process & suggestions! Luke was awesome to deal with!
– Danielle Cumberbatch

Luke was very helpful with his suggestions and prompt at replying. Thanks for your assistance!
– Katie Dawson

Aiza was super friendly and seemed to understand SEO well.
– Sarah Minnix

Thank you so much for getting this done in a timely and professional manner!
– Kate

Thank you for the SEO help!
– Casey Kile

Very helpful, showed me good SEO best practice which I am able to replicate moving forward.
– Lewis

work was completed quickly. Communication was great.
– hans stephenson

Luke and Daniel did a great job and followed instructions by keeping the flow of my site.
– Monika Stanic

looks fine. don''t see any change in my traffic yet...
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