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Add Instagram integration to your store

Add Instagram integration to your store

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Engage your visitors and build a new audience by including your Instagram feed on your homepage.

If you already have an active Instagram, or are thinking about starting one, this can be a good way to keep your site fresh, build followers and update your shop with new content.

We'll create an Instagram widget on your homepage (or somewhere else if you'd like), fully customised to suit the look and feel of your shop.

We target the work to be completely wrapped up 14 days from signup.

  • Create Instagram developer app
  • Set up feed
  • Customize the look and feel to suit site
  • Add theme settings to allow easy configuration

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About Luke Masters

Luke has over 6 years of online marketing and SEO experience.

He has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses, to global brands. His experience has been gained from a combination of agency, in-house and freelance roles.

Luke runs The Pixel Crowd (, a Shopify eCommerce marketing consultancy which offers marketing and development services to Shopify store owners.

He also co-runs a digital marketing consultancy called Positive10 (, which offers web development (design and build) and digital marketing consulting services.

Luke has been working as the SEO project manager for popular the Shopify app, Plug In SEO for the past two years. This experience has exposed him to a wide range of Shopify stores. He has worked with 100's of stores to help improve branding, visibility and increase sales.

Talking to and helping store owners is a passion he would like to grow via consulting and blogging.

Questions? Send Luke Masters a message
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Luke Masters

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Great service
– KingzEurope

– Jacob Rhodes

Thank you for adding to my knowledge base and helping me to pick the right key words for my site and header's.
– Mike Barrett

– Allen

I had a few issues I had to fix and even though there were Fix it Yourself instructions I really didn't want to mess up with that. Luke was very good and did the needed fixes in a timely basis. I picked the basic package and even though it was only for minimum fixes I believe it fixed a big part of my main page SEO issue. I'm pleased with the fixes, now let's see if it makes a difference in my visitors. Thanks Luke!
– Dunia Debk

Overall Great Experience. Thanks.
– Sam Theofanopoulos

Excellent work! Very happy working with you.
– Sandra Scott-Allen

Very professional and serious company!
– livio

Easy to work with.
– Jonathan Martinez

– Eliseo

Luke explained what he was doing and offered good suggestions.
– Janelle Anderson

ty hope this will help...
– yophishop

We're happy with the work. Responsive and helpful.
– Julie Raber

– marcia smith

Great and speedy work. Thank you.
– Rodney Fetaya

everything was done in a quick and efficient matter. Thank you.
– TRIPP Swim

Looks great! Hoping to see more traffic to my site soon!
– Rachael Young

Great work gentlemen you helped me out a ton. I was even able to have my third child during the whole process!
– Nick Lannan

I hope to see some improved traffic soon, haven't seen any change yet, but the work was done as requested, thanks!
– Sarah Caulfield

Very happy for the feedback/improvements, thank you.
– Funso Akinya (client)

Great work. Highly recommend!
– Steven Marcum

Everything ok
– Andrea

I need to make edits to your changes ASAP! I am a bit shocked by the grammar, as I thought you may be English. Also, aside from some lines added to the homepage, I do not know what other changes have been made.
– Scott Crews

Seemed easy... Now lets see if I earn any more organic traffic.
– paul5154

Excellent! Would highly recommend!
– Teresa Paquin

So far I haven't noticed an improvement in traffic or conversion but perhaps its taking a while to get through to google.
– Clare

ThanYou Luke!
– Wendy

Quick and responsive I'd definetly would recommend Luke.
– Dennis Reagan

I am happy with the work blimpon has done. Luke was quick to respond and had some great suggestions to help.
– Terri Stanley

Very pleased with the overall experience. Thank you
– Safiya Hickson

High recommend for Luke Masters and the PlugginSEO team. Thanks
– Karl Kozak

– Matt

thank you
– Tara Langdale

Thank you for your work, I am very happy, all looks good
– Irene Otto

Fantastic service!
– -Victoria Roberts- Blaze And Leaf

I have typed in the keywords: safari, wildlife and africa and we aren't appearing on the first search page of Google.
– Raheema Patel

happy with the work great job luke
– paul moore

fast and very helpful
– Liegh markwald

The work was efficiently done, and Luke was there to answer all the questions we had
– Patricia Quinteros

– Jonas Lundgren

uh good work?
– Robert Murtha

The project is performed by Luke and i´m satisfied with the support of the company, i recommend these guys to help you with seo assignments.
– Edwin Trouwborst

Thanks for the work
– Matt Berry

Overall, I'm happy with the support and results. Response timing was a bit slow at times. On one occasion the system did not notify me of a response so I had to go back and see that there was a reply that I was missing.
– Mike Thompson

Luke and his team did an incredible job. Very attentive and proactive. He worked with me to make sure everything looked the way I wanted before moving forward and always responded quickly. He even took care of a small formatting issue that was unrelated to the original project scope and didn't charge me. Highly recommended!!!
– Robert

Good work done
– Tyson

Thank you!
– Scott Ward

– Ann Marie Ronsin

Great service!!
– Shanna Nash

Great experience, fast and thorough :)
– Valerie Best

Luke was very clear with what needs to be done. Overall very satisfied.
– Bryan Leung

buen job!
– Mo

thanks Luke
– pacific scents

Thank you Luke - looks great.
– Anna Patty

– baiFEI879614

– Victoria Elle

Luke was great to work with. We had to schedule everything a little later, and he was patient with us.
– Safety Workwear

Quick, effective seo fix - thanks!
– Guy Wilmot

I engaged Luke for an SEO fix. The process was painless. Let's see if it works, come find me google!
– Michelle Wiedman

I am Super Happy. Luke Masters did an amazing job. Thank You So Much !!
– Brian Bible

I don't know if it's worth how much I paid... Changed a header, and a couple of other small things. Bit I'm quite dissapointed in myself for paying this much without shopping around.
– Mo

Completed job in efficient timeline and my store in now gaining more traffic daily
– Austine

Love working with Luke on these projects! I see significant change in our SEO after the work is done! I highly recommend them for all your SEO needs!
– Michelle

Great communication. Can't wait to see the results.
– Chuck

Thanks for everything.
– Angie Marei

He is superb in following up and explaining what needs to be done. I highly recommend this
– Clara Kung

Thank You! Great Job.
– Rey

Luke did exactly as we asked and answered every one of our questions. He was courteous and very good at explaining the technical aspects of SEO to someone who isn't very knowledgeable on the subject. We have no doubt that the SEO changes will drive more traffic to our site. Thanks!
– Keith Scruggs

Great job.
– Can Aykanat

the process was easy...Luke was very informative and provided easy to understand guidance.
– jeffrey harper

Very professional. Kept me up to date on the progress and work completed correctly and on time.
– Patrick Wankel

The work was done as agreed in a timely manner. I was expecting that it was more work than it actually was, so I feel that I was over-charged since it was a flat fee.
– Elijah Canfield

Great effort and communication!
– rob

– SPEAR Performance

Everything has been great
– Oscar Lopez

Great work and support.
– andrea brentegani

– Frank Ozmun

Thank you so much Luke.
– Sylvia

Great Job! Very helpful.
– Catherine Ricci

Luke was great to work with. Listens to your needs and makes it happen.
– Molly Douglas

Great job! Luke did exactly what I asked for and did it without us noticing his presence on the backend of the site!
– Amanda

Luke and the team just completed implementation. Communication and time to complete has been great. I look forward to increased sales and traffic.
– Kevin Gilbert

Super happy with the process & suggestions! Luke was awesome to deal with!
– Danielle Cumberbatch

– Meir

It was good
– Jay Kim

Luke was a pleasure to work with.
– Laura Reed

Great service
– Zeynep Jennings

Good job, thank you very much.
– alaa

Great team, and they.completed the work in an efficient and timely manner. Will definitely use them on future projects.
– Robert Williams

Fast, responsive an absolute pleasure to work with!
– Craig Edward Weiss

Thank you again for the good job done on my second site.
– Heidi thomsen

great job
– Hannah Choi

Job well done. Fast meaningful suggestions and advice. will recommend and use again.
– Brian Higginbottom

If our results improve I will be very happy, it was very easy and affordable so hoping for the best results.
– gerard

Was helpful in finding keywords and adding them to my site.
– Dustin Cline

Thank you Luke and Daniel. After the work was completed our website was on 1st page for the Google keyword we were targeting. They went above and beyond the listed tasks for the Premium Package - I highly recommend!
– Nicolette

Awesome job! I am very happy with the work. Thank you.
– Mirna Lockmay

Great work!
– Can Aykanat

Fab thanks
– Rosie Baran

Luke was very efficient and am glad to get all the errors fixed!
– Jennifer

happy with the work
– marcel

Thank you for all of your help!
– Erin Hooley

We appreciate the work and effort put into the job, but we haven't seen an increase in visitors at all.
– Shelley Theaux

I am satisfied with Luke's feedback and actions to fix SEO of my website www.heppi.comau. I am hoping I will get good result from this.
– Atri Arinia

Thanks for your help Luke
– Magnolia Restrepo

– bmcwear

– Sam

Very helpful and listened to exactly what i requested! great thanks again!
– Robert James

– Maher Abu Fadel

Happy to have help getting this done and hoping for improved searching soon!
– Andrea Gatchis

Thank you for the good services!
– Mark Bartels

Great work! Thank you so much.
– Ikhelowa Sanni

– Pino

– Antonio

Thank You
– James

Job done with efficiency and speed and great communication by Luke throughout the process. Very happy!
– Patricia Tanasic

I'm not too familiar with SEO so it's a bit early but I will say Luke is very responsive and I look forward to seeing the performance of our site!
– Kristin

Luke kept us informed of his progress and explained in layman's terms what is was doing, as it went straight over our heads, but at the end it flew through "Plugin SEO" with no errors at all. Thanks
– Martin Birkhead

– Benjamin

Great work done
– Mohammad Byouk

Very Informative and easy to deal with
– Aaron

– Samirah Sartaj

Things were not completed that you claimed were...
– Brandi Kennedy

Great customer service.
– Alexander Bailey

Good job, I am satisfied
– Dat Hoang

my traffic to the store seems un-changed, not really happy tbh
– Mathew

Thanks Luke, appreciate the SEO work. Look forward to now obtaining some hits to the site!
– Nigel Thayer

Great service! I am very happy with the suggestions made by the team and the quick turnaround time for implementation.
– Julie Norris

Muy rápido y eficiente, ahora esperar por los resultados.
– Paula Monteiro

Excellent work! Great job by the team.
– Giovanni

Great Service. On time. Knows what they are doing! Highly rec.
– Daniel Bendjouia

Quick and efficient job. I look forward to see if it makes a difference in traffic from Google
– Christina

Not sure yet
– Zozo@1980

Good help!
– rachel

Great job now I understand the different fixes better.
– Corliss Turner

Thanks Luke
– Sophie Kennedy

Job was smooth and all my questions were answered, thank you!
– Australian Generation

Good Job, Thank Luke
– Dat Hoang

Wonderful Experience Overall - Look Forward To Working With You Again!
– Courtney

The original problem message I get from my SEO is still not fixed!
– Ginette Callaway

Wasn't what I was expecting
– Janet Easby

Very helpful and great service
– Mario

best SEO service! delivered on time!
– Themos Papalas

– shawn norris

I haven't seen the work yet
– Paymon

Thanks, very efficiently handled!
– Lisa Adkinson

Very easy to work with.
– Harith Yahya

Luke was very helpful with his suggestions and prompt at replying. Thanks for your assistance!
– Katie Dawson

Thank you for the prompt service.
– Heidi thomsen

Luke was quite prompt when communicating but it did take longer than 14 days for the work to be done.
– Amy

Very happy with the overall look of my homepage. Great communication and good advice.
– Claire Chapman

Luke is very professional and efficient. He was great to work with and we learned a lot from him in this process. We would highly recommend him if you need seo help.
– Maxton Reinland

Thanks So much
– Mel

well...we'll see if improves traffic!
– Clare Jay

I bought the premium service for the "Hands on" experience - if you don't know where to start, choose this package. The first email that came through there was no keyword analysis, when I asked about this, I did receive an apology and then was sent a list of a few keywords with one number after the keyword but did not look like any real insights as no explanation and certainly no discussion around why these were best for my website. I did get the text on the main page of the website though, which was my ultimate goal, and I have to hope the html coding was done.
– Linda Singh

Please boost up the seo of my website to be top on google
– Lasaad Turki

Thank you for the SEO help!
– Casey Kile

Great work. thank you.
– Rodney Fetaya

Completed the job within time frame and worked with us to make recommended improvements.
– Dina Kruczaj

Great experience, very professional, great suggestions, would highly recommend!
– Matt Wilbur

It was a pleasure working with such a skilled expert!
– Alicia Burgess

Thank you guys for getting this done quickly and without Hassle. Very Happy
– Jason

– Jordan Mitchell

Great job Luke. I have already had 2 orders received via my web site. I know that there is always extra work required with a web site. But with your input and knowledge, thankyou. A very Satisfied Customer.
– Jeff

Seamless communication with the PM and issues were fixed.
– Brian

Everything looks great! Thanks!
– Bob Hagan

Only just completed so don't know about results, but Luke was very accommodating.
– Gemma Lawton Bryant

very good
– Mazumis

– Mark Galea

Smooth process, just looking for some info on what was completed as well as some questions on Alt Image tags.
– Ken MacDonald

Luke was easy to work with and completed the work quickly!
– Jeff Jensen

Professional and fast turnaround.
– Kenny Lee

Thanks Luke. Awesome Job!
– leighann1

Sure hoping this works
– Robert Yancey

Appreciate the guidance for a newbie to SEO
– Matt

Good work, quick turnaround, thanks!
– Karl Hamouche

– Matthew Driggers

As promised.! thanks
– Xiao Xiao

fast and efficient, and he tells you all the thing that he is going to do
– yosef

Great work by a great team!
– Issam Bawab

Great Job!

Great communication.
– amy

The team was easy to work with, quick turnaround for the time of year. Good work!
– Dillon Fitzgerald

Always great fast efficient service! Thank you!
– Michelle

Luke & Daniel were fantastic quickest turnaround and does the job even a bit of tweaking. I highly recommend them give them a try!
– Pratik Shah

Overall, I'm Happy!
– Tomaso

Pretty easy and straight forward
– Hall Risk

Great communication, my site passes all SEO checks. Thank you!
– Janice Mayo

Everything looks good so far
– Jere Amidei

Thank you Luke! Super responsive, and really helpful in explaining the changes along the way. I am not an expert in this field and am so grateful for the changes he made!
– Eli Yonas

Good job
– Robert Armstrong

Great Job, everything is complete. Great communication!
– Charlotte LeBeau

fast communication looking forward to seeing improved seo performance
– Jeremy Lee

Fast and friendly service
– Deborah Bell

Not sure the extent of the work
– Catherine

Thanks Luke, hopefully we will get a good score again on our web page
– Sarah Cox

Thank you.
– Sherif

Too early to tell
– In & Out Home Products fix

Great job!
– Michael

Even with a good Shopify web site I needed to manage the SEO aspect n more depth and the 'Plug in SEO' people were the 'go to' company for this work. Luke managed quite a difficult task most professionally. I would recommend them!
– Nigel Hayes

Brilliant, great advice, really helpful
– Chris Milner

Done quickly and all looks correct. Thanks!
– David Tolzmann

Luke and the team did a great job! Can't wait to see the impact it will have. Some things are just better left with the professionals.
– Lori

Great Job Thanks
– Theo

thank you Luke and Blimpon for you help. I look forward to seeing the increased traffic to our site.
– Jody Olson

– Dimitri Saco

Thanks Luke
– Gina Gatford

Great working with Luke Masters!
– Onyeka Ibe

Luke and Daniel did a great job and followed instructions by keeping the flow of my site.
– Monika Stanic

Thank you for being courteous and responsive and for setting up a template in the theme editor to make it easy for me to make changes to my home page.
– Antonella

Quality job and answered my questions along the way. I'd certainly use them again.
– Wilbur Sims

Thank you for your help!
– Sandy Huang

Luke Masters!
– Andrew

I am happy with the completion of the job, the next step is to see the real effects from a better SEO!
– ChinHon TOH

Luke was amazing and got the job done very fast. These guys are very professional and will definitely get the job done and are very fast to respond to any questions.
– John Faseler

I guess it does the job!
– Arnaud

I still dont see my site on the first page if i search Chain link curtains or designer curtains?
– Paul Kelly

Got the SSL done super quick for both desktop and mobile. Great communication and easy to read break down reports of issues. Will be working with Luke & Team for future projects at
– Fameez Haroon

– Whiskey Island Clothing

thank you for the work!
– Chris

The work was well organized and done without incident. I recommend these folks for any SEO work needed on your site.
– John McCleskey

Luke was very responsive.
– Traci Nixt

Great job
– Don Romans

Was pretty straightforward job. Took longer than I had expected but so long as the results are there no complaints.
– Asheesh Gandhi

I think I've done most of the work. I have no team. I'm tech stupid and I am not sure what has been done yet.
– David Lambert

So far so good. I am not sure Understand all that was done but I hope it helps my business.
– Mary Mooney

Thank you for your work.
– Kim

The suggestions were great and the work done very quickly!
– Melanie

I would like to know what exactly was fixed
– Rock Roll n Soul

I'm OK with the work.
– Steven Hunter

Great Job!
– matt schnepf

Fantastic work! You guys are great! Very helpful every time!
– Matthew Southern

Always very polite and explained the whole time what they were doing and if i was happy, and overall am happy.
– Oli

– baiFEI879614

Luke was was very understanding of what I wanted and explained thoroughly, in terms I could understand, what I needed and why. Luke was easy to work with and responded to my emails quickly - I look forward to working with him again
– Kim Dugina

Looks good, now waiting for results!
– Dan Canfield

Thanks for the great job. I can see immediate improvement already. Hoping this converts to more appearance on search results.
– Samuel Ogunjobi

Seems to be working
– Jessica Lund

not really found any change
– Angy

Let see if this improve the browsing position. Thanks
– juan Vallmitjana

Luke and his team did a great job and handled it quickly and efficiently.
– Aperez5495

Nice Job.
– BVL Trades

Luke was very helpful and knew his stuff. Thanks again for all your help
– Brian

Very happy with the service! Purchased a package to fix SEO issues. Luke (one of the experts) did a fantastic job. Very happy with the finished result. What impressed me the most is the patience and understanding on their end. He answered all my questions and I was able to communicate with him during the entire duration of the project, from start until completion.
– Miya

I'm assuming I didn't have enough content to alter. I thought the images would be improved also.
– Crave Eyewear

Looking forward to seeing how this performs!
– whitney1

This service, I believe, is and will be worth the money. Great communication. Very happy with this.
– Shane Maddox

Wow impressed !!!
– Jason

Great job. Looking forward to seeing the results in action.
– Eddie Chabbott

– Linh Tran

We were very happy with the communication, work and follow through provided by Luke on this project. His service is well worth the effort.
– Mike Denney

Done the required work as promised. Very happy!
– ChinHon TOH

These guys were fantastic - so prompt and helpful. The main thing is that the solved my SEO basic issues as I just didn't know how to do it myself.
– Silvia Sanchez

Luke was excellent. My SEO score jumped from 88 to 93.
– David Schoonmaker

Nice job! thank you for fixing my SEO problems.
– Loleta Robinson

Wonderful job! Luke was very patience with our many changes. Great to work with!
– Will

Issues solved. Next step to see if rankings and traffic improves.
– Ed

I am happy great job hope my website get some traffic
– Dean1107

I thought more would be done deeper into the website but I'm happy with the work done on the first page.
– Bill Beaver

Very professional, very fast and looking forward to great results. Will use again!!
– Neil Brown

Luke was great to work with!
– Public Sunglasses

Very responsive and helpful suggestions made to fix site SEO problems, thanks.
– Steve Lambourne

Excellent job!
– Teresa Paquin

You took more than 14 days to complete the work.
– Mohammad