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Add infinite scroll to Shopify Collections page

Add infinite scroll to Shopify Collections page

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Have lots of products for a specific collection page on your Shopify store?

Instead of getting customers to navigate to multiple pages of products you can now add infinite scroll to your Shopify collections pages so customers can keep scrolling through.

Get an approved developer to setup infinite scroll on your collections pages today.

What can I expect?

  • Setup Infinite Scroll on Collections pages
  • Integrate the code into the pre-existing template elements.
  • Have "View More" button at bottom of page to get customer to activate infinite scroll
  • Style to match client's site
  • Create responsive fallback for Mobile devices

  • Do the work

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About Meindert Jorna

Meindert has been working since 2005 on the development of webbased applications and started in 2007 his own IT company in the Netherlands (Samuel Services). He is an expert in the field of Joomla and Wordpress and develops custom applications for both platforms. Besides the development of websites and website applications, Meindert is an expert in the field of SEO and marketing and in combining Adwords expertise with SEO analyses, he will offer complete optimization reports and implementation of SEO advice. The IT Company - Samuel Services - is a forerunner regarding the development of webbased online data management systems in the field of research and project management and Meindert will develop any web- ánd android application for use in online data submission, data analyses, data visualization and project management. His latest accomplishment and achievement consists of a webbased system for datamanagement for farmers in Spain, Italy and Greece as part of a greater EU project.

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Meindert Jorna

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Meindert supported us in all online aspects in the start of our healthcare organization - from setting up a helpdesk to starting with our website and manage client registration.
– Shawn Clarke, Aeqol B.V.

Your system worked beautifully and allowed us to access all the information.
– Hans Langeveld, Biomass Research

Meindert developed our website and upgraded our online marketing from "oldtimer" to "newest Ferrari".
– Richard Joosten, Autotransmission B.V.