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Add a lightbox to product images

Add a lightbox to product images

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Display a lightbox containing a high resolution photo when a customer clicks a product image.

Our expert will do everything detailed in this Shopify help article.

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About Lixon Louis

Lixon is a web developer with 7+ years of experience and an extensive knowledge in Shopify and other platforms. Right now he is specialising in interaction design and user experience.

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Lixon Louis


Lixon is a must have Service Provider. This man knew what needed to be done before I did! He even explained in detail what he was going to do! Not only that..his turnaround was amazing! His username should be "Lighting" because he is that fast. He got the job done within 5 hours
– William Roman,

Super fast, efficient, and smooth communication. Got the job right the first time around. Would highly recommend and I will use lixonic's services again.
– Casper Blackwell

Thank you for the very quick and qualitative work! I highly recommend Lixonic for any work on Shopify.
– Raul Suarez, Divina Clementia