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AB Testing for Special Offerings: Finding the best converting offer for your products or services | Blimpon

AB Testing for Special Offerings: Finding the best converting offer for your products or services

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Whether you're a copywriter or a marketer conversion is ultimately your core objective.

As a business owner or adviser your main goal should be maximizing ROI for your company or clients: and to that end you must maximize conversions. One of the most effective ways to measure and finding out what converts best is by running Split Testing campaigns and that is precisely what this service aims to do for you. In this particular case we will split test a specific offer discount rebate or any sort of actionable purchase to see what works best.

Why your offers and how they convert is important

Business owners often launch special promotions to create interest clear a stock or through an sponsored sale. In any case understanding what portions of the offer works best with your customers allows you to more effectively define future offers.

The aim of this bundle is precisely that. To assess and understand the specifics of a given promotion and see what causes better conversions. In some cases it can be special terms of the sale or a specific rebate in some cases it can simply be a discount margin. Through this bundle we will identify the best converting enhancement to your offers.

Note: Before purchasing this service bundle please make sure you have an active account on VWO ( or equivalent for split testing as that is NOT included in this service bundle.


What can I expect?

  • Consultation on Business Goals
  • Create 5 variations to your offer or service
  • Set up 5 variations to your offer or service
  • Install Visual Website Optimizer (Or other AB testing tool)
  • 14 day report

  • Do the work

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About Daniel Sim

Daniel has been helping businesses succeed online for over 14 years. He started his first business, a web consultancy, when just 15 years old. Search engines and optimisation for them was in its infancy. From then until now he has been deeply involved in SEO, online marketing, conversion optimisation and development. Particularly with a focus on online retailers.

As the founder of Plug in SEO he knows all about starting from zero and building something into a successful product.

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Daniel Sim

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Very fast and efficient , plan on working together again, highly recommended
– Darragh