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Visitors get frustrated and will leave your site if it fails to load quickly. They're increasingly browsing from slower and less reliable mobile networks making it even more crucial that your site responds fast. Slowness will affect your conversion rate.

Google considers speed as a quality factor when it ranks your site. Plus, all search engines will not fully crawl a site that is slow. Speed is a key part of a solid SEO foundation for your site.

Often there are ways to streamline your HTML, Javascript and CSS code files to make your site respond and download faster (technically speaking: minification, compression, removing redundant code etc.).

  • Work carried out by Shopify speed experts who've worked on hundreds of stores
  • Your loading time as measured by GTMetrix will improve or the work is reversed and 100% of your money back (Complete & Premium)
  • High quality, responsive service for this technically complex area
  • Completely wrapped up 14 days from signup

Shopify Speed-up Packages

Expert analysis
and report
Speed up
one highest-impact area
Speed up
all possible areas
Report the highest impact
thing you can do
to improve your site speed
Fix the highest impact area
Remove redundant code
Optimise CSS for speed
Optimise Javascript for speed
Optimise key images for speed
Reduce number of HTTP requests
Apply other speed enhancements
from experience

IMPORTANT: The aim of Complete & Premium jobs is to increase the overall page loading time as measured by GTMetrix (an industry standard checker). You're getting the knowledge and experience of an expert human speed fixer to interpret what automatic speed checkers report should be done and analyzing your code to make sure that a) the change will speed up your site b) will not break key functionality like add to basket c) is possible on your platform.

Every website on the internet has at least one point that automatic speed checkers report as a problem with speed, meaning that it isn't possible or desirable to get a no 'problems' verdict from a speed checker: they are no substitute for a human expert due to a, b and c above! When the job is complete your fixer will give you a before and after report of the overall page loading time of your site. We can't guarantee specific speed increases, but if your loading time as measured by GTMetrix has not increased we can reverse the work and give a refund.

With Fabio Rocha and 5 other Shopify speed experts

Fabio brings to your job over 14 years experience as a web developer optimising complex applications. He's expert in crafting modern Javascript, CSS and HTML to improve websites. Clean, standards-compliant code is what he produces to make sure your work is completed to a very high quality.

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Great job all around. Very helpful and boosted our speed by a good margin.
– Drew Downs

Thank you!
– Erin Hooley

Great work. Pages are running faster now!
– Erik

– Angelia Shockley

It is great. The speed is much faster now despite the fact that I have a bunch of apps on my site.....the pages load that. Thanks for all the help!
– Nancy

Great work again! This is the second time I've used them to do work on my site and both times they have done a fantastic job for me with obvious results! Thanks again guys
– Robbie