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Google Search Console Service

Service Name

Google Search Console set up, audit, and Fixing.

Regular Price

  • Only set up: $299.00
  • Only audit and fixing (starts from): $299.00
  • Set up, audit, and Issue fixing: $449.00

Service Description

Understanding how the organic marketing or SEO activities you're trying are (or aren't) helping you rank higher in Google, generating traffic and sales is key to moving forward to grow your business.

Google Search Console provides all of this insight but can be tricky to set-up right. And powerful features like syncing up with Google Analytics need a little bit more work to set up.

The service also helps you, monitor, maintain, and find opportunities to improve your Google search results ranking.

Beyond the Setup

This part of the service includes the following:

  1. A comprehensive audit of your Google Search Console account. This audit ensures everything is right and lists the low-effort and high impact opportunities for your Shopify store. Among others:
    • How your search result appears,
    • What could be affecting its rise or decline in the rankings, and
    • How to fix potential issues that could be contributing to a decline.
  2. Analyzing and fixing search console issues highlighted in your Google Search Console account.

Please note, we will need access to your Google Search Console account to analyze the issue before committing to any solution.

We target the work to be completely wrapped up 14 business days from the order date.

  1. Set up Google Search Console Account
  2. Install tracking code and verifying your Shopify store with Google Search Console.
  3. Create your Shopify store sitemap and submit it with Google Search Console for faster indexing.
  4. Connect Google Search Console to your Goole Analytics account.
  5. A comprehensive audit of your search console account to find low-hanging opportunities. A report will be shared with you highlighting these opportunities.
  6. Analyze errors and issues highlighted inside your Google Search Console account.
  7. Fix errors and issues highlighted inside your Google Search Console account.
  8. Submit the fix to the Google Search Console team for the validation.


  1. 1. To analyze and fix errors and issues highlighted inside your Google Search Console, we will need access to your Google Search Console and Shopify store.

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About Aiza Leano

Aiza is the in-house SEO Lead and Guru at Plug in SEO Services. She has helped over 2000 Shopify stores with their SEO, including on-page optimization, keyword research, and code changes.

Customer Reviews

Aiza always answered my questions and did a great job!

Jordan Miller

Aiza is incredible! I dont see how anyone could have an issus Thank you dor your hard work.

Crystal Brooks

Thank you for helping me with my SEO problems, I appreciate your patience and guidance.

Emilia Sarris

The work was well organized and done without incident. I recommend these folks for any SEO work needed on your site.

John McCleskey

Superb service, thank you, Aiza


Aiza was super helpful and accommodating whilst fixing my SEO :) Excited to see how my traffic improves. Could not recommend her services enough!

Giles Bone

I enjoyed working with Aiza. She was very professional and knowledgable and worked quickly to address my SEO issues. I am already seeing a difference in my website traffic. I would highly recommend her.

Teresa Hoskins

Thank you Aiza! On time and as requested!

Rene' Jenkins

Aiza was super friendly and seemed to understand SEO well.

Sarah Minnix

This is my second time doing this with Aiza, and we saw a significant growth on sales after the last time!

Amanda Henson

I don't know anything about SEO so I think she did a great job based on the very little knowledge that I have. She was responsive and timely and completed everything as promised. I will use her again.

Freda Mooncotch

Very happy with the work, looking forward to doing more SEO projects!

Alex BT

Great advice and prompt service. As a newbie to SEO, Aiza was great to work with and extremely helpful.

Robyn Cara

Aiza went over and above to be sure our coding & site were optimized, even helping extra by taking a look at error messages & our blog. I highlly recommend her!

Heather DeSimone

Thanks Aiza. You did a great job! I will be sure to use you again for all my SEO work moving forward.

Jeff Skie

The app is very useful we went from no visitors to averaging about 450 a day since we worked with that team. Sales are much better. I would recommend.

Marcus Pierre

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