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With more than 16 years of experience as a web developer / consultant, Wilfredo has been following up the Internet’s evolution since its very beginning. He has experience in several areas of the subject: web and app development, web design, e-commerce, digital marketing SEO & SEM, project management, business development, and has been involved in as many as 30 web projects and startups along his career. When working as a Project Manager he has experience with project quoting, resource planification, risk management, team communication and leadership. As a developer, he has been mastering the art of web development ever since he started coding. From UI/ UX design, to backend coding and DB design, and at a post project phase, A/B testing, stress testing, and bug fixing. He is a versatile, fast, self-taught developer, technology fanatic with engineering skills, that finds in problem solving a constant thrilling challenge.

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