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Three blog posts

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Kick-start your blogging with this job. Three professionally-written blog posts of 600-800 words, spaced out over three weeks. Well-structured for SEO with three or more images for visual interest and search engines. Blogging is often picked up quickly by search engines. Wordy, unique posts like these are a rich source of keywords for ranking. Posting regularly to your blog compounds the value and is an investment in making your site traffic build over time. It can be difficult to know what to write about for SEO: a topic that's both a great read and one that will be picked up by search engines. With this job you can specify exactly the topic to write about or simply outline the conversion action you'd like to achieve (visit a particular product or collection for example).

  • Select a good topic for SEO
  • Write three 600-800 word blog posts structured for best SEO
  • Publish direct to the blog

About Chantal McCulligh

She's one of the industry's finest! With over 10 years as a full time writer, Chantal has truly perfected the talent of content and online marketing to help you build a better, stronger online presence that will make an impact within your industry.

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Chantal McCulligh


Looks great. Love the content. It was rather slow in coming which I didn't expect, but overall happy with the end result.
– Naomi Joyce

Good Quality Blogs
– James

Very well written, nice use of keywords!
– Bill

Great Job. Well done Chantal.
– Angie

We hired Chantal at Blimpon to start our 3 blog posts and couldn't be more happier with the content she created for us. She ultimately took her time searching and navigating our site to find the best niche and keywords. Our favorite among them all is when she expertly distributed lots of keywords in just one post. Thank you,
– Daisy Box

Thanks for the great work. We appreciate the efforts in researching our desired topics. We will be using your service again for sure.
– vitali

Fantastic, thanks so much.
– Narrinder Vaid

Great working with Chantal, friendly and easy to work with the delivery great material
– sam

Awesome! these blog posts are killing it! THANK YOU
– Freda Mooncotch

Overall, I'm OK with the blogs as written. I really didn't know how to get started. I will definitely make some changes to some of the wording. For instance. Daisy Duke's is used in two of the blogs - too repetitive and I don't think that sounds like my store. There is some other text that I will change to sound more like the image I want to portray. This phrase will have to go "If it’s denim and covers your butt, you’re good." Don't worry - I realize this is just a starting point and you did the best you could with limited input from me. 1. In the blog 7 fierce shoes - the style selected are either almost out of stock, out of season, or they are some of my slowest sellers. I know you had know way of knowing that. Can I change the pictures without messing up any links or SEO? Plus, the styles selected don't match the season we are in right now. Summer! 2. Top style secrets Blog- Again I only have 2 pairs left of the featured shoe. I will change it. Also, I will need to change this phrase "From jewelry, hats, sunglasses, belts, weekender bags and more, it’s time to stock up because fashion accessories are the best way to turn a basic tee and pants into perfection." This phrase says to stock up on items I don't carry in my store like hats, sunglasses, and belts. So, I will change the text to match what I have. Other than that, I like this one pretty well. Not much to change. 3. Summer Styles blog - Of the three - this is my favorite. It features my top-selling brand - Johnny Was. I think I should add the brand name to the blog because it doesn't mention it anywhere. Looks like that would help with SEO. I will also take out the pair of shorts included in the blog and this is where is says to cover your butt. I will probably change quite a bit to stay more in keeping with the style of my store (in my opinion). I am not asking you to edit because you don't know which styles should be featured based on quantities, season, and demand. I just want to make sure I can make changes without disturbing any links, SEO, or formatting. Please let me know if changes will hurt anything. Also, the featured image on each of the blogs doesn't work if those show up anywhere. Do they? If so, I need to change them. Let me know Please take my comments as constructive criticism. I am happy with the blogs (just need to make a few changes) and this will definitely get me going on this. Thank you!
– Kim Wommack

Nice job on those two articles. I love how you figured a way to make Asian spice blends into a Caribbean idea. And thanks for noticing some issues on our website for us to correct. You didn't have to do that and we appreciate the extra effort.
– Scott Paly

Very professional and obviously took the time to research and know her material before just writing anything that came to mind. I will hire her again for another 3 blog posts.
– Neil Brown

Great Job
– Tim Smith

Great topics suggestions!
– Corlison

Well written articles, thank you
– DDLGWorld

Love working with Chantal, she is open to suggestions and always thinks of ways to integrate our products in the context of the article topics. Thanks
– sam

Great work! Better then expected. Will be hiring again soon.
– Jason Holloway

We are pleased with the blogs that were created for us. Chantal took our suggestions and created blogs we can use.
– Will

Great job. We keep coming back so that should say something.
– Freda Mooncotch

– Michael

most excellent
– cloverleaf

Great job! Thank you!
– Freda Mooncotch

Chantal was lovely to work with.
– Dustin Cline

Always happy with the blogs.
– rachel912

Thanks again for the great work Chantal!
– Martin

I really enjoyed working with Chantal her writing style is fresh and on point. I felt that she really took the time to research my type of business services and also understood who my business audience are. Chantal gave good prospective on my products, services and designs. We will enjoy launching these blogs. Thank you so much Chantel I will be calling upon your services for the upcoming holidays so get ready :-) 5***** Star service all the way. Gift Baskets By Design SB, Inc.
– Gift Baskets By Design SB, Inc.

Very happy with the quality of work and research of material. Thank you!
– vitali

Thanks Chantal, great work, speak to you soon.
– Narrinder Vaid

great post i will surly buy more blog post from your services. thank you.
– scott benites

Great work again
– Tim Smith

Great Job Chantal
– Tim Smith

Chantel did a great job! Thank you!!
– Karolyn Fox

Chantal did a great job, was very responsive and got everything finished quickly. I would definitely recommend her.
– brianna bruderlin

I am so delight and happy with the job Chantal did for me.The best spent money on e-comers till now.Great job.
– Nushka Draganova

Extremely happy with the three blogs. Will definitely work with Chantal again. Many thanks!
– Almarette de Wet

Amazing blog entries. She is articulate, creative and very professional. I am so lucky I found her and hope to work with her again and again. She rocks!!!! Kristen Haring owner Glamour Magnet
– Kristen Haring

Very impressed, great job! We will be using Chantal again.
– Steve & Tammy Moore

Chantal did an amazing job and very friendly to work with. Recommend highly!
– Rachel Thompson