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Pavel Hristov

Certified Google AdWords professional with 5+ years of experience providing ROI-Driven PPC management. I'm focused on delivering a transparent and highly efficient management service - using best practices and advanced optimization techniques. I have huge experience with ROI/Profit-Driven PPC management for eCommerce sites, Lead Generation, Google Grants and traffic acquisition for local and international businesses in EU, USA, and Canada. - Currently, I'm managing the campaigns for big EU brand operating in 8 countries with strict target ROI. Also, I have managed campaigns for more than 60 different local and international businesses in Bulgaria, Europe, USA and Canada. Some of my outsourced clients are F+W Media, Uber Bulgaria, Ultraflex, Bithope and many more. I can help your business with strategies to improve CTR, conversion rates, ROAS and customer journey’s. Some of my services include: - Google AdWords Search Campaigns - Google AdWords Search Remarketing Campaigns - Google AdWords Display Campaigns - Google AdWords Display Remarketing Campaigns - Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns - Google AdWords Remarketing Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns - Google AdWords YouTube Campaigns - Google AdWords Campaign Restructuring ( Single Keyword Ad Groups) - Google Analytics I am here to help you with everything I can, so don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. My Linkedin profile:

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