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Email Retargeting Setup

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Vero is a powerful tool website owners can use to track virtually any user action on their website and use the tracking to send out e-mails on an extremely targeted level.

This is not your ordinary auto-responder!

For example a user might want to track when a client adds a product to their cart but does not proceed to complete the order. GetVero can be set up on your site to track these clients and follow up with them on the abandon cart. This can be very powerful as when you follow up with the client you can offer incentive such as a coupon code to come back and complete the order.

GetVero works by first grabbing the client e-mail at some point on your site. To do this we recommend setting up a small form with incentive for non-eCommerce sites to grab the clients e-mail at some point. eCommerce sites will capture

What can I expect?

  • 20 Minute Consultation
  • Basic GetVero Setup
  • Grab User E-Mail and Name
  • Set Up Tracking on 1 Item/Action
  • Set Up E-Mail Campaign
  • Post Campaign Follow Up
the clients e-mail somewhere along the checkout process.

Once the client has entered their e-mail a cookie is placed on their browser and Vero will track whatever has been set up to be tracked.

Some more examples of things to track:

  • When a user fills out a form this can be for a free trial.
  • When a user buys a specific item you can e-mail them a follow up e-mail with related items they might be interested in.
  • When a user clicks on a specific ad area doing so can be very powerful if your ads are hardcoded as you then know what the user is interested in and can e-mail to the user appropriately

The sky is the limit and GetVero gives you not only the ability to track analytics but set up a power funnel that automatically e-mails your clients based on their action.

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Daniel has been helping businesses succeed online for over 14 years. He started his first business, a web consultancy, when just 15 years old. Search engines and optimisation for them was in its infancy. From then until now he has been deeply involved in SEO, online marketing, conversion optimisation and development. Particularly with a focus on online retailers.

As the founder of Plug in SEO he knows all about starting from zero and building something into a successful product.

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Very fast and efficient , plan on working together again, highly recommended
– Darragh