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Add lead generation form to your website

Add lead generation form to your website

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If you run any kind of services business one of the most important things is capturing and nurturing leads from your website.

Word of mouth marketing usually goes as far as getting someone to your website but now you need to get their contact details so you can convert them from someone with a casual interest into a paying client.

This service involves us setting up a lead generation form on your website to capture the name email phone number and any other information you want from potential clients. This is then emailed directly to you so you can follow up with more information and win them over.

You choose what fields you want on your form and where you want it to be displayed. You can even choose whether you want us to just email you the form submissions or post them to MailChimp/CampaignMonitor.

What can I expect?

  • Create HTML of form including title fields placeholder text submission button.
  • Style form to match the appearance of website theme.
  • Form submissions emailed to specific email address OR posted to MailChimp CampaignMonitor etc.

  • Do the work

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About Daniel Sim

Daniel has been helping businesses succeed online for over 14 years. He started his first business, a web consultancy, when just 15 years old. Search engines and optimisation for them was in its infancy. From then until now he has been deeply involved in SEO, online marketing, conversion optimisation and development. Particularly with a focus on online retailers.

As the founder of Plug in SEO he knows all about starting from zero and building something into a successful product.

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Daniel Sim

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Very fast and efficient , plan on working together again, highly recommended
– Darragh